Thursday, October 20, 2005

A wee bit longer

So officially tomorrow's the due date, but like I said before I'm going with Saturday before I start counting overdue days. I saw Josee (midwife) this morning & all is well but not moving along too swiftly. Bun has definitely dropped but not engaged - the head is still not in my pelvis, though it sure felt like a hand or something was scraping at me to get out last night. Totally the strangest sensation ever, not quite painful but very ticklish in the nether regions. Plus it wouldn't stop squirming everywhere else either. Kicking, punching, dancing, flipping, stretching... you name it, it was doing it. I almost couldn't get to sleep because of all the activity, but it sure was fun to watch. And then I had to pee about 8 times in a 20 minute span. So... hard... to... get.... out... of... bed.... with... ginormous.... belly.

Midwife appointment was lots of fun & we talked about Peru, travelling & still being able to work with teeny babes strapped to one's chest. I really hope this is feasible physically & emotionally. My work is pretty easy & not overly strenuous physically or mentally, so I'm hoping I can get back into it relatively soon, putting in a few hours a week here & there. By few I mean somewhere around 2 or 3 at the soonest (not that soon silly) & working my way up to 10-15. Its not like I have to get dressed & drive somewhere, I can sit at the computer drafting in my jammies all day if I want. (Like I don't do that now... as I sit here in my ever-comfy red housepants, t-shirt & hoodie drinking root beer & getting a whiff of the dog's farts. I am sooooo glamorous!) I know... everyone is telling me I won't want to do any work, but I've just got this feeling that I'm going to want to do a little something that is not baby related all the time. We'll see what happens.... I may have to eat my words here but at least you will all have the satisfaction of witnessing my dumbness & saying to yourself "I knew it! She can't handle the pressure. Sucker!"

Other than that the visit went well. My blood pressure is still good (118/78) & I'm still measuring small at 37.5 - 38. She doesn't seem too concerned about the smallness with the dropping & all the moving around its doing. She says it sounds like things are getting in gear to go with the nausea & the runny bits, but that I'm also not allowed to go until next week anyway, since both her & Chantal are out of town for the next 30 hours (don't worry... the other ladies are still there if anything were to happen). If we don't go into labour until next week - which is when I think it'll be - then they will both actually be on call at the same time so we get to labour & birth with the two of them. Yay! Josee did say though that it seems like all the women due this month are pushing it right to the end.... who knows, perhaps there'll be 4 of us going at the same time & I won't get anybody I know which would totally blow. I have a feeling though that I will get to see both of them, so cross your fingers for me.

Let's see, what else? We finally got our new camera which I love, love, love, plus it fits into my teensiest, tiniest purse no problem. Now I just have to figure out all the gizmo-y stuff about it. We got a new shed that takes up way too much room in our side yard, but it does fit all the stuff from the basement it needs to. Also got a new sewing machine (not this model, but close) from Costco that we may or may not return. It seems pretty good & its computerized with all sorts of fancy stitches that Calvin has had fun with but the brand seems to have good & bad reviews. I'm going to shop around tomorrow & see if I can find something comparable price wise & maybe better quality. I haven't sewn properly for about 8 years so I really can't remember what I should be looking for & besides, there's so much new stuff I've never seen before. Damn fancy contraptions!

Speaking of contraptions, MEC is sucking in its delivery of the adaptor piece we need for our BOB. Since we bought an older one of these fancy strollers on e-Bay we need a retrofit adaptor to secure the car seat to it (real joging strollers not recommended for wee infants without extra head support thingies hence good thing to be able to snap in car seat for first little while). We found the thing on-line but had some trouble with ordering issues from the States so we checked out good ol' MEC. Someone found us the one & only last one ever in Canada in the Vancouver warehouse so we arranged for it to be shipped up to us in Ottawa. Well, it came once but turns out it was not the retrofit model so that sucked. Calvin called, the guy apologized & said he had the right one in his hands & would pack it up & ship it right away. Two days ago (mmmm that's 3 days to due date so cutting it kind of close) they call to say its in again. Terrific right? Calvin goes to pick it up after work, opens the box there to make sure its the right one, only to find a pair of fancy dancy cycling shoes. Hey, if they had been in his size he might've kept them since they were probably worth about $300 but since not, plus the real need (getting desperate here) for this freaking adaptor he decided to let them keep them. There's probably some guy out there right now opening up a box with a strange piece of metal wondering where the hell his bike shoes are. Dude.... call me. At least we have a sling, a Baby Bjorn & a Graco carrier, plus another stroller & two car seats to carry the bun around in for now. It would be really nice to get the adaptor though so we can take the bun & the dog to the gravelly, off-road dog walking place like we planned to. Hopefully they'll get their shit together & send us the right thing soon.

Other than that crap I sit here waiting to get the show on the road. I'm in no hurry, but am feeling mildly anxious to know when its going to start. I still have baby laundry to do, hem the curtains, finish cleaning my office & just tidy the house in general. All I want to do is watch tv & surf the internet. I guess that's ok as I'm sure I'll need to well-rested before labour kicks in, but I do feel a bit guilty when Calvin is working his butt off & feeling stressed. He's pretty anxious too & everytime I say "ow" he asks me if I'm in labour yet.

Poor guy - I've been saying ow a lot lately.


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Maggie said...

Glad to hear everything is normal. Too bad about the MEC situation, hope that it sorts itself out soon.
What's going to happen when it all starts? Will the midwife come to you or do you go to the hospital to meet them?
Don't forget to call at least one of your sisters to let us know when you go into labour - then we can spread the word and wait for a call or webcam update (that would be pretty cool).
Love you. Get some rest.

Mom said...

Hi Lala

First things first, what are MEC and BOB?? I ask this knowing full well the tittering and tsktsking which my question will provoke. However, I've been given to understand that having reached 60 I get to ask any damned question I like without fear of negative commentary.

I'm sure you must have heard my water-breaking story when you were due. In case you haven't....just don't go to a shopping mall. There are some not-so-helpful sorts in those places. Also...the plastic sheet to protect your mattress idea...follow the same procedure for your cars. Just a thought.

Please call me when labor begins.

Love, Mom


Anonymous said...

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