Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Too good to be true

So I got through 4 & a half months without throwing up until today. Sure I felt like I wanted to for a good 3+ months, but always managed to hold back the beast. Today I'm sitting at my desk, reading my e-mail & a huge wave of nausea hits me (actually feels like it is coming back as I type this!) & I have to run to the bathroom. Bye bye watermelon, green apple & tea breakfast! What an odd colour combination to see floating in my porcelain throne.

So much for my smug feelings of being able to conquer the dreaded morning sickness..... I think I'm off to the loo again. This better not last - I've got tons of work to do today!

Monday, May 23, 2005

wha happen'd?

Seems like I've lost my sidebars.... attempting to republish in order to get them back. oops

Figured it out.... damn links.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Brynn's Beetle Broohaha

Brynn & the Queen Posted by Hello

Yes, this is my wonderful niece Brynn..... seems like bugs are more interesting than the Queen. CBC liked it, as did CTV & Yahoo. Here's the entire sequence of events from Maggie.

Rock on Brynnskidoodle!

Soda cans & stroller anxiety

18 weeks & now "your baby is about the size of a can of soda". Where do they come up with these analogies?! At least the bun now has a desirable rounded shape to it versus the rectangular stick o' butter. The belches of firey spasmodic pain have subsided into moderate rumblings a 10 year old boy would be mighty proud of. I'll start practicing the alphabet this week. Good thing I'm now craving Pepsi (shocking for a Coke gal).

Began the quest for the ultimate stroller this week. Apparently I'm insane if I think I can get away with only one. All-terrain versus jogging versus mall crawling versus travelling versus walking on the freaking moon! Just when I think I've found the chosen one, it proceeds to not fit in my teeny tiny cute little car. Back to square one with dumb-ass first time parent questions like how long will a 45 pound limit stroller last? (Do we kick the kid out when they weigh enough, get old enough or just whine enough?) What if we have another child /night of tequilla shooters? Should we get something that'll convert or just realize that we are totally crazy to even begin contemplating this before our first demon child comes forth? Why can't I assume that I will walk everyday, even in the snow? My dog has to take a crap somewhere & it's easier / less smelly in the spring if its not all over the back yard. Am I really relegated to walking in the mall (don't get me wrong, I like shopping, just not that much) with the senior citizens' walking clubs to get some exercise? Argh! It is all so very frustrating & confusing, so I think I'll put off this anxeity for a while & concern myself with the search for the perfect, cheap, safe & plain crib. Also have to come up with a list of questions for the OB & the midwife so we can decide who will be our favorite primary caregiver during this time of bun baking.

No pressure of course.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Visit with Amma

Amma came up to Ajax this past weekend for Kyle's (one of her soon to be 30 great-grandchildren) confirmation. Being only 3-1/2 hours away by car we decided not to pass up the opportunity to visit with her & family that I haven't seen for probably 15 years (maybe more, but I'm feeling too guilty to figure it out). It was really great seeing everyone again & meeting some new relatives & I just want to thank Gwen & Neil for some wonderful hospitality & yummy food. Now that we know where you live, we'll have to drop by more often. Here's some photos from Sunday afternoon... hope no one minds (I'll take them off if you do) me posting them. Not sure why they each have to go in a separate post - I'll eventually figure this thing out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The bun

Not sure why but I can't seem to upload the ultrasound photo. Most of you have already seen the alien creature via e-mail so I'm not going to stress about it any more. Hopefully the next ones (maybe in creepy 3-D) will work out better.

So I've reached 17 weeks & apparently the creature is now the size of "a stick of butter". That's an awfully thin rectanglar prism shaped baby if you ask me. Heartburn is kicking in with a vengeance, expecially after last night's Pancho Villa mole sauce consumed at Velia's 30th birthday dinner. (Happy birthday shoutouts to both V & Lynn. (Hoping the drive home from a delicious Red Spot evening was uneventful!)) Thanks to Scott we got to check out the new War Musuem for free last night as well. Fantastic architecture & the details were very clever (morse code windows, etc.) - only thing missing were the numbers on the displays to match the descriptive text so at times it was hard to figure out what was what. Can't believe the number of tanks & armoured vehicles they've had hidden away... not to mention all the art. Great stuff - highly recommended. Anyway, after we left the belches of fire began & proceeded to keep me tossing & turning all night long. Guess I jinxed myself after I told everyone I was finally sleeping again. Grrr!

More to come later today with photos from Amma's Ajax visit... if I can get them all to work.

Eureka... it works!

Looks like I may have actually got this thing working. The plan is to keep family & friends up to date on the bun I'm cooking up. Hopefully laziness & procrastination won't interfere (don't keep your hopes up). Photos & whining can now commence.

Christo in the park

Let's try some Christo. Posted by Hello