Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What's my excuse?

I'm not really sure.

I suppose I could blame the lack of posts & comments & general internet lurking on the usual lack of sleep excuse. I wouldn't exactly be lying. We've had a crapload of sleep issues going on lately, going back to the holiday illnesses & the 24 hour nursing marathons. Plus the molars, the growth spurt & some crazy night terrors that have left me shell shocked. Seeing your tiny daughter in a trance-like state screaming loud enough to wake the dead (I now have witnesses to the volume level - they know I'm not exagerrating - right mumsy?) & not responding to your voice is really, really weird.

And tiny she is. We recently had her 15th month well baby check & vaccines. During the RSV episode where she refused solid food & then taking her time getting back on track, Doodle Bug lost over a pound. She is small to begin with. People are always remarking on how cute it is to see such a wee baby walking so well, thinking she's around 10 months old, so I was really curious to see where she was on the charts.

  • Weight = 18.06 lbs = > 3rd %ile
  • Height = 29" = > 10th %ile
  • Head = 46.5 cm = 75th %ile according to the nurse but more than 97th %ile according to the internet calculator

That's right, our toddler is kinda a freak. It doesn't look like she has a ginormous noggin but apparently we are fooling ourselves. I like to think she's just brainy. Such is a mother's unconditional love, but really, her head doesn't look overly huge to me. She does seem little & some days a bit thin but hey, we're getting great use out of her wardrobe. She now fits into 12-18 month tops, but her legs are sort of short so there's a couple pairs of 6-12 month size jeans that she is still wearing. I think one pair are hand-me-downs & the other I paid $4 for. Woo hoo! Those savings of course are getting spent on Gymboree & disposable diapers. Ya that's right, I gave up on the cloth ones, just like everyone said I would. Want me to congratulate you or something? Bite me. Go on, I'm tasty.

(Hey at least I tried. I might try again if there's ever another go at this baby thing, but who knows if that'll ever happen. Right now this one is sticking crackers down my shirt into my bra. I don't know if I can take much more. Anyway if we do cloth again, I'd prefer to use all Fuzzi Bunz rather than the prefolds. Less bulk & so comfortably soft.)

Anyway, since Doodles is so small she still seems kind of babyish & therefore, innocent & vunerable. Which is part of the way I justify in my mind the fact that I am still nursing her to sleep, keeping her in bed with us & being wrapped around her delicate little fingers. As our dependence on one another eases I am finding this more & more exhausting, so now we are looking for a way to transition her to a more independent sleep. Before we moved I used to be able to put her down in the crib or on the bed & she'd fall asleep on her own. There were plenty of times I nursed her down because it was a sure thing but at least we knew she was capable of self soothing. With the stress of the big move & then the move across town I ended up nursing her to sleep every time. Then when we were sick & she wasn't eating I was nursing around the clock - it was like going back to the newborn stage (not to mention the evil threat of thrush from the antibiotics). It has eased off a bit since then but now it seems she's forgotten how to soothe herself back to sleep without me. I also used to be able to stay half asleep when I nursed her in the middle of the night & even pass out before we were finished. Now though, I can't seem to get comfortable & won't fall asleep until after she's done. Two weeks ago I was averaging about 3 hours of sleep a night. Now that the molars have broken through I'm getting more but she's still waking up about 3 times a night.

I don't mind it too much but it would be nice if she could figure out how to get back to sleep without my boobs. And without screeching. Sugar Daddy is capable of putting her down but not without a lot of crying. So... over the next little while we'll be attempting some No Cry Sleep Solutions (I like to call it the Pantley Removal Technique - get it? Ya I'm lame.). I'm expecting crying of course, but hopefully the screaming will be kept to a minimum.

Another part of the transition plan is to give her her own space. A place that is fun, comfortable & organized. Her room up till now has had the crib (filled with toys since she won't sleep in it anymore), the double bed without the frame, a large toy chest & books piled under the crib. It wasn't bad, but it's been driving me crazy. Not having a place for everything stresses me out & I have this thing about organizing books. I've been searching for a bookcase since we moved in. I wanted to do something girly & Pottery Barn-ish with white furniture & was hoping to persuade Grammy to make one of her fancy quilts. I tried searching for something cheaper because, well, I'm cheap (must be the Scottish genes), but everything I found was crap or not the right size. We finally settled on an IKEA one but then we were hanging out at Boutique de Target one night & I found this & fell in love.

Thing is, my idea of sweet white furniture would've meant purchasing a new bedframe & whatever else we ended up needing. We already had a black iron frame that came with the bed - not my ideal but decent. We also have a beautiful toy chest made by Poppy (Sugar Daddy's Daddy) that is honey pine. Anyway the grass skirt in the bedding set went nicely with the pine & the black iron matched the light fixture on the ceiling & the new fish tank (yup we now have two more pets) so I gave up on the Pottery Barn bedroom & decided to go kind of tropical. Now all the searching for the perfect white bookcase had been in vain because now I wanted something in honey pine to match the chest. Man it's hard to find a bookcase when you want one.

Then, suddenly, there it was. The perfect bookcase. Solid pine, honey colour, sturdy & totally matched the toy chest. See?

Yes the chest isn't actually being used as a toy chest, but it's full of stuff that isn't being used now & won't be for a while & the fish tank won't fit into the bookcase. This way it works as a nightstand & fish home. Hope that's ok Poppy.

Here's the bed with the Monkey Girl bedding, plus an awesome canopy from a different set under which I hung her dragonfly lights that had been over her crib in the old house. The monkeys are so cute & I just want to do the hula whenever I walk in the room.

Speaking of hula.....

check out the clock.

Her grass skirt & feet swing back & forth. Hillarious!

We are now teaching Freyja how to do the hula as only a white prairie girl & a guy from Newfoundland can do. My expertise resides in having watched Elvis movies & the episodes of the Brady Bunch that involved some haunted tiki idol thing. Sugar Daddy has no expertise except for maybe some drunk booty shaking.

Anyway, that's it. The room feels good now, it's organized & I can breathe. We just need to put a bit more art on the walls & get the matching monkey lamp & it's all done.

Now if only she'll sleep through the night in there, we'd be all set.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You gave me a wad of cash & all you get is this lousy list for Valentine's Day

To my first ray of sunshine

  1. Thanks for making me laugh.
  2. Thanks for having patience with me even though I think you are impatient.
  3. Thanks for doing your share of diaper changes.
  4. Thanks for always ordering the food on the phone for me, even though you think I’m nutso for being chicken about it.
  5. Thanks for taking care of all the bills.
  6. Thanks for being handy around the house even though you never quite finish anything.
  7. Thanks for having good intentions.
  8. Thanks for buying me chocolate & beer almost whenever I want.
  9. Thanks for making me get my drivers license.
  10. Thanks for taking me to Iceland.
  11. Thanks for cooking lots of dinners.
  12. Thanks for the Santa Claus pub crawls.
  13. Thanks for putting up with my shit.
  14. Thanks for making me do things even when I’m scared.
  15. Thanks for burning all those cds.
  16. Thanks for bringing us out West. Though I am lacking friends I am enjoying myself & it’s so nice to sit outside on a patio in February.
  17. Thanks for being adventurous even if I keep expecting someone to call & tell me that you are in the hospital for doing some dumb trick on your bike.
  18. Thanks for the most amazing meal of my life. Sorry I puked.
  19. Thanks for putting up with my anxiety.
  20. Thanks for when you do things by the rules I nag you about.
  21. Thanks for taking the Doodles swimming & biking & throwing her up in the air even though it freaks me out.
  22. Thanks for putting up with my book collection & my paper collection & all the other stuff I have trouble getting rid of.
  23. Thanks for letting me have control of the remote 98% of the time.
  24. Thanks for the video camera & not being bothered that I hog the digital one too, even though I think you should take more pictures.
  25. Thanks for appreciating good beer & wine.
  26. Thanks for playing your guitar for Doodlebug.
  27. Thanks for being so smrt.
  28. Thanks for killing creepy bugs for me & letting most of the spiders live.
  29. Thanks for making up silly songs for your daughter.
  30. Thanks for not getting too upset when she’d rather be with me than you.
  31. Thanks for all the road trips & doing most of the driving. Sorry we always end up arguing.
  32. Thanks for helping me out so much at school.
  33. Thanks for teaching me computers back in 1992.
  34. Thanks for working so hard & bringing home the bacon.
  35. Thanks for letting me eat more bacon than you.
  36. Thanks for letting me finally throw out those horrid rugby shorts.
  37. Thanks for taking me rappelling over a 150 feet icy cliff for our first date.
  38. Thanks for not telling me the ladder up that cliff was condemned until a few days later.
  39. Thanks for being my friend.
  40. Thanks for an awesome wedding 10 years after our first date.
  41. Thanks for going to Dairy Queen so much when I was pregnant.
  42. Thanks for supporting the breastfeeding.
  43. Thanks for enjoying co-sleeping. Morning hugs feel great.
  44. Thanks for trying to take me to the ballet. Sorry I didn’t go.
  45. Thanks for taking dance classes with me.
  46. Thanks for not being embarrassed about it.
  47. Thanks for buying me flowers whenever just because.
  48. Thanks for saying I look good even when I don’t.
  49. Thanks for being a nice guy.
  50. Thanks for loving me.

Most of all Valentine, thanks for helping make my second ray of sunshine.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Backfire Benadryl Buzz

Chickenpox it is - despite the vaccination over two months ago. But at least, because of that vaccination, it's a very mild case. Maybe somewhere between 50 - 70 spots or so & they are fading already. A couple of oatmeal baths, some Aveeno anti-itch concentrated lotion & she's been pretty content. The nurse on the phone told me to give the Coppertop a dose of Benadryl to help her sleep if the itching was bad. It wasn't terrible but she seemed pretty annoyed last night (could've been the lack of napping during the day) so I gave her about 1 tsp around 6 pm. I figured it would do the same to her as it does to me - knock her out (my only allowed sleep aid besides a beer or two). It seemed to do the trick & though she woke up to nurse a couple of times, I figured it was just because she hadn't eaten much that day. Anyway, here I am thinking how lucky I am to have it work without her having any weird side effects. She wakes up again around midnight scratching at her face & ears miserably so I think oh I'll just give her another dose so she can sleep again - it's been 6 hours so it should be fine.

The light gets turned on which wakes her up a bit. She freaks at the sight of the medicine-filled syringe & spits about a quarter of it up. By this time she's half awake & I'm thinking I'll just nurse her back to sleep as usual. Nope. Not even close.

We (her & I since Sugar Daddy couldn't / wouldn't stay awake) are up until some time close to 4 am playing on the bed, getting down, playing with the radio, going back & forth to her room getting various toys, reading & me trying desperately not to pass out from exhaustion so she doesn't end up drowning in the toilet or some similar disaster that runs through the brain on 2 hours of sleep. Holy crap, it was like she was on speed or something. Busy, busy, busy little bug. I've been calling her Coppertop for a while now due to the colour of her hair (so cute!), but now I guess I've got even more reason to.

So anyway, not much sleep, silly post poorly written & now I'm watching Oprah shove cake in her mouth out of the corner of my eye which is very disconcerting. Apologies for my lack of comments on this & everyone else's blogs & thanks for sticking with me. I've got e-mail to catch up on & thank-you cards to write. The last few weeks have been exhausting & the last thing I have time for is perusing the sphere, let alone come up with something pithy to say. At least things are starting to look healthier around here so maybe I'll get to catch up on some much needed sleep. Or not. I'm not holding my breath.