Friday, October 28, 2005

Sorry guys

I still feel the same, except perhaps a bit more frustrated. Guess I have a nice oven or something as the bun is as snug as a bug in a rug. I really had a feeling that today was going to be the day, but so far it doesn't look like it. Now I am second guessing all of my guesses as to date, weight & sex. I swore this pregnancy wouldn't last into November & I know that I still have a few days to go, but now I'm thinking it could go into next month after all. (And now I'm having a deja vu typing this so who the hell knows what that means!!!) Calvin's cousin is due November 4th with a scheduled c-section & that's the last date for me, so perhaps there'll be a big extended family celebration in Newfoundland next Friday night.

I've got the ultrasound scheduled for Monday coming up so if nothing happens this weekend at least we can look forward to having another look at the bun in utero. The woman I made the appointment with was so nice & funny with me over the phone joking about how frustrated I must be getting & Halloween tricks I could do if I end up coming in next week, that she actually made my not so hot day much, much better. Thanks stranger lady. I think tonight I'll go dig up my face paints (if I still have them) & paint the belly up for my appointment - would ultrasound gel make it come off though? It'll be good for a laugh anyway & probably better looking than the baby Calvin drew the other day.

Wow, I actually feel a lot better writing this out now. Before I started I chatted with hubby & almost started crying because I was feeling so sorry for myself. Boo-hoo big baby. Whatever. Now I've decided to start eating the cake I baked (was wating for labour), go give myself a pedicure so I have pretty feet & look forward to going out for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I'll start looking into some more home remedies for labour inducement. We've already tried walking (ow, ow, ow!), eating some spicy food (damn dog stole half my samosa!), cleaning the house (boring!) & doing what got us into this mess in the first place (a little akward to say the least!). Obviously that stuff hasn't done the trick. If the ultrasound shows all systems normal on Monday & we get the go ahead from the midwives I'll try the membrane sweep, the blue & black cohash or red raspberry leaf tea (think I'll try that today) & if that fails, perhaps even maybe the dreaded castor oil though I'm a bit leery about that one. I figure if I want to clean things out before labour I'll just eat a bunch of ice cream without the lactaid pills - that'll get things moving to say the least.

Anyway folks, that's the update for now. That devil's food cake is calling my name, the bun has hiccups & I'm developing some more heartburn so it's time to go eat, take a pill & watch another lame movie. Later dudes.


Tina B. said...

Hey Laura,
Check out this website...have fun with the belly as Halloween gets closer


bunmaster said...

Cute! Thanks Tina B.... now I just have to find some orange face paint. Dollarama here I come!

Mom said...

Hi there, hi there Lala & bun

Not to worry. Just think; in a few days when you're blogging, you'll probably have someone else sitting there with you. (And I don't mean the big guy.)

Hope the cake was yummy and dinner out is even yummier!!

By the by, Graeme called the other evening. He did (sat??) his m-cats (?spelling) a few weeks back, got 98%, and has had an invitation from NorthWestern in Chicago to come for 3 days of interviews with the possibility of a full medical scholarship + wages. Ain't that somethin'?! Ken's pretty happy.


Maglet said...

Did the spicy dinner do you any good. Todd and I had a great anniversary day. Hope you are having a restful sleep. Later Sk8R.

Green Family said...

Hey Laura,

Keep it up - you're doing great! I was going nuts before my due date with Timothy so you are many steps ahead of me :) I raked leaves the day before I went into labour...but who knows if that helped. I want see pictures if you paint your belly!

xo Katherine (Geoff & Timbit)

Green Family said...

Hey Laura,

Keep it up - you're doing great! I was going nuts before my due date with Timothy so you are many steps ahead of me :) I raked leaves the day before I went into labour...but who knows if that helped. I want see pictures if you paint your belly!

xo Katherine (Geoff & Timbit)

Heather said...

I feel for ya sista'. As you know all of your younger siblings went late with "gestating" the little ones. Guess they're all just a little shy and don't like change. Hang in there...I know it's hard when everyone around you is waiting and asking you if you're in labor yet, but it's just cause we love ya and we're so excited!

Maggie for Laura said...

FYI - Calvin & Lala's power has gone out so they are trying not to use there cordless phone and can't use the computer to update the blog. All is well with Laura. She continues to have a sore back. They are getting ready to go to a couple of Halloween parties tonight. Stay tuned for the costume pics. Laura said they should have the power back within a few hours.

Anonymous said...

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