Monday, October 24, 2005

Nothing yet

Monday morning update.

Almost killed the dog last night.
He used to sleep on our king-sized bed with us. In the middle. Under the covers. Sometimes he even got an extra pillow. Can you say spoiled? We figured since we had a bun on the way that perhaps this should change & when I finally found a great (not ridiculously expensive) pet bed he was banished to the floor beside our bed. Turns out he loves it, plus we put a blanket on him so he still gets to go under the covers. That was until last night. He whined pretty much all night long until he was finally banished to the basement with a muzzle. Now don't go getting any Hannibal Lecter ideas in your head.... he got to snuggle with a blanket on the couch & only a minorly limited capacity to bark. I could still hear the brat whine until I turned up the radio to drown him out. I don't think we've ever been so pissed off at him before. It's not like we didn't try to figure out what he wanted (besides to get on the bed), but at this late point in the pregnancy, I'm finding my patience is getting severely limited plus I need all the quality sleep I can get. Today I decided to not kill the dog, but if he tries this crap again I might have that Cruella de Ville coat yet.

Anyway there's not much happening on the baby front yet, besides the limb that appears to be sticking out of my side. Still feeling crampy, but there's no regularity, just an overall dull achiness. My legs are killing me whenever I get up now. Not that I am getting up much at this point. I decided after the gym yesterday that that was it for exercise. It was so hard to move & the stretching is not making me feel better anymore so screw it. I also did yoga on Saturday & I think they were all pretty surprised that I was even there when I told them I was due the day before. After that I went for yummy brunch at the Clocktower with Calvin & my aunt & uncle to get as many sugary carb-loaded calories in me as I could. At least I can actually eat a whole meal now that there is a little more room in my cramped stomach.

After brunch we decided to go for a walk along the Canal & ended up walking all the way to downtown from the Glebe. Normally I wouldn't think this was a long walk (around 5km), but I gotta say I'm still pretty exhausted from it 2 days later. We stopped at the new Metropolitain Brasserie & Restaurant in the new old Daly Building for some caffeinated sustenance before heading back. Love the design & the coffee was good, but the service wasn't spectacular (I guess it was in the middle of the afternoon) & I have a personal issue about someone in particular there so I have some mixed feelings about the place. I'll go back for a meal sometime because the decor is just so cool & I should give it a real chance before forming an opinion, but I'm a little sad about the whole thing that I shall not get into because I'm too damned nice.

So for those of you not in Ottawa, or for those who never get downtown, here's a couple of pics from our walk.

A lovely view of the ByTown Locks. They've drained a lot of the water out of the Canal & seem to already be getting ready for Winterlude, or as Calvin wants everyone to start calling it "Canal Pleasures".

Since we were in the area I got Joan to take a picture of us here (sort of under the War Memorial). This is where we had some of our favortite wedding day pictures taken. Yay!

Saturday night Calvin got to go out on a stag for a couple of hours while I lazed on the couch. Yes, he's a lucky, lucky man. I just figured since nothing was happening, what the hell, let him go. As long as I can get a hold of him & he doesn't get too tipsy, everything should be fine. And it was. We even went out to the bar together afterwards to say goodbye to my pal Sam who's moving to Toronto today. (Have a great move sweetie!) Of course everyone was surprised to see me & said I looked huge, then not so huge, then because I was feeling huge I said I felt like this....

She's gonna blow!

But.... at least I can still do this.

Boobs & Beer... what a combo! Posted by Picasa

So that was my weekend besides rolling around trying to get comfy on the couch yesterday in between strange spurts of activity. I guess some of the nesting instinct has returned because I ended up organizing camping equipment & doing laundry in the middle of the afternoon. This was after watching In the Womb on Life Network & some sappy animal rescue shows. Note to self: Don't watch emotional tv past your due date. Man I was tearing up all day just thinking about 3 legged dogs & the alien-like parasitic life form in my belly. The womb show was pretty cool - it even showed a real birth close up - money shot & everything. I didn't think they could do that on tv, but it was great to see even though it freaked Calvin right out. Just wait until you get the live show honey!

And speaking of show, like I mentioned above, nothing is happening besides the ever-increasing uncomfortableness. The bun hasn't dropped anymore, there's no contractions that I can make out, no more mucous-y bits, no water breaking though I dreamt that it did last night & woke up in a panic. Lots of weird vivid dreams, lots of crampy achiness, plenty of crabbiness & am feeling hungry pretty much all the time. As of last night my hands & feet have started to swell again so I've taken off my ring & now feel naked & puffy. Great.... now I'm a naked, puffy, enormous bellied, sleep-deprived, bitchy-mooded crazy lady. I hope that makes you all feel much better about yourselves today while I wallow in my pity party & self-medicate with chocolate & butter-saturated popcorn. mmmmm..... great, now I'm hungry again!


Anonymous said...
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maggie said...

Too tired too even say anything eh? We're thinking about you all the time. You look very happy.

bunmaster said...

There... I said something. Just kidding. ; )

I post the pics i want first then go back & start writing. For some reason it always seems to take at least an hour to write what I want to say. Today there were some weird internet issues so it took even longer, plus I thought I lost my entire post for a few minutes. Panic!

I feel pretty happy. Tired & achy, but happy. Calvin thinks I should be pregnant all the time. Talk to you soon hopefully. Lots o love!

Maggie said...

Thanks for the update. I knew you would come through for me. I totally understand about the dog thing. I remember banishing our cat Spanky from our bedroom while I was still prego. She drove me nuts. We also started keeping Kootenays pillow out of our room around that time. Koots is happy with her pillow in the hall just outside our room. Spanky has been in someones else's loving home since just before Brynn turned 1. I couldn't stand her by that point. I love cats!
I'm hungry now too - gotta go make some lunch.
Love, Maggie and Brynn (Todd's at work).BTW - whenever I ask Brynn she says you're having a girl. We'll just have to wait and see.I'm so excited. EEEEE!