Saturday, October 29, 2005

Problems with power

We're still here. I slept in this morning & then went out for delicious brunch at the Manx with birthday boy Kanti & Nancy. After a few errands we came back home, I tried to get this post ready & poof - the power went out. Breakers were flipped, hydro was called & finally Calvin had to go to Home Depot for a new part. So that's why no updates until now people.

As for updating, well this won't be much of one. I thought I felt a few tightenings this morning at breakfast but now I think it was just the bun squirming in an odd position. I am now officially waddling according to my sweetie (thanks for letting me know dude - no really, I appreciate the jackass comments - I'm already feeling so attractive) and I think it's due to my back issues. I really can't stand or walk for any length of time so I've been getting lots of rest on my bed & couch for the past two days. I'll be glad when this is all over so I can move properly again. Crossing fingers & toes. Speaking of toes.... look what I managed to do.

Orange toes

Not bad for a 41+ week gestating lady if I do say so myself. Not a super fantastic job or very attractive feet at the moment, but hey I gotta give myself credit for at least being able to reach down there. I even did my fingernails too & the orange is rather festive. As for the other stuff to make me feel better I watched Miss Congeniality 2 (fun showgirl costume) & Fever Pitch (Drew Barrymore has great hair) & I've still got Robots to make my movie viewing complete. Then there was the cake.... good ol' Duncan Hines - I love you so.

mmmmm cake

Yes it's in the shape of a heart. They are the only set of pans I have that match in size so I use them for almost any cake I make. Guess I should go shopping & get some more since these are also from about 1980 - I just don't bake cake that often. Why? Because I'll eat it all if I get the chance. So far almost half of it is gone & I don't think Calvin has had one slice. Damn you Duncan Hines & your devilish box of chocolatey goodness!

Let's see, what else made me feel better? Calvin brought me home the prettiest flowers so I tried out the macro on our new camera. Lovely eh?

purty flower Posted by Picasa

So that's it I'm afraid. No sweet bun tasting for you people. I'm feeling patient again & know that things are normal & ok. If I felt otherwise I'd be calling the midwives or driving to the hospital so don'tcha all worry. Things will happen when they happen. I'm used to waiting for good things & besides, the dog is enjoying all the extra attention. Who knows how much he'll get afterwards? Tonight we're going to two Halloween parties (never thought I'd make it to any without a babe in my arms) because I'm determined to not sit around totally bored watching more crappy tv. Perhaps they'll do the trick & kick start the labour tonight. Perhaps not & I'll get a chance to post ultrasound pics on Monday. I'll have some good pictures for you tomorrow anyway so check back for a look at what a humongous preggo wears for a Halloween costume.

Adios my friends.


Graeme said...

Hi friends -

Dad and Weena told me this was the hottest blog going in the blogosphere, so thought I'd stop by.
Congrats on the new addition. By the time s/he gets out, s/he'll have been cooking for long enough that s/he will always be bigger than supposedly equal aged children, and will hence become the ruler of them all.


maggie said...

Look at those wee little hobbit feet. Perfect colour for the season.

Hi Graeme. Long time no see.

Anonymous said...

Nice tootsies, Laura. We are really excited about the arrival of the Bunmeister, but I gotta say that we're going to miss this most super-est of blogging as well! Take care of yourself...


bunmaster said...

Don't worry I'll still keep blogging. Afterall there's the terrors of breastfeeding & exploding poop to look forward to right?

Hi Graeme!!!! Congrats on the MCAT scores - you rock man! Yesssssss my preciousssss child shall rule them all (damn hobbits). Keep in touch dude - I'd love to go back to Minneapolis for a visit to Dinkytown & home of the Gophers (that's right isn't it?), unless you move for school again of course. We can always meet in TO too.

Anonymous said...

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