Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Holy crap!

The countdown is on people. Friday is technically the due date, though I always say Saturday, the 22nd. I still think it will go sometime into next week, though the only explanation I have is intuition & that my mother & 2 of the sisters have gone late. Our family tends to procrastinate a hell of a lot. Plus, Halloween would be pretty cool.

I can't believe that someone else will be living in this house within 2 weeks. I really just can't wrap my head around it. Can you say overwhelmed?! Uh, ya. Needless to say emotions are running high & somewhat volatile. I am consumed with anxiety that my child will hate me & that I'll be a terrible mother. I am paranoid that my water will break as I touch my toes in yoga class. I scared that I'm just going to be yelling at Calvin the whole time I'm in labour. And then, every once in a while it hits me that I have to push something this big out of something so small. Intellectually I know it'll be fine & that I can do it... its just that odd realization that there is now nothing I can do to stop this. No going back. Oh man, have we done the right thing? See, I am freaking out!

It seems even more realistic & imminemt now that some pre-labour stuff is starting to happen. I appear to be dropping as there is now a softer area under my boobs before the hard as a basketball belly. It feels weird & different when I bend over now too & tying up shoes has never been harder. The pelvic bones feel odd & pretty sore after walking for 10 minutes or so. I've had some flu-like symptoms the past two days, getting up feeling gross & runny in more ways than one & then the nausea hits soon after breakfast. My back feels achy & sort of crampy, I've got PMS symptoms & I may or may not have lost some of the snot cork - no show (the pinky kind), just really gross. Can you say too much information? Too freaking bad folks. I am determined that you shall feel my pain. Mwah ha ha.

So here's the dropping belly.

39 plus weeks

Yes, I am still wearing my gorgeous red velvety house pants. They have seen some better days that's for sure. Good thing I don't get out much. Though I gotta say, this past weekend was quite full on the social agenda front. Calvin & I went out for our last fancy dinner (ever?) on Friday night to Social in the Byward Market & had a lovely time seated by ourselves in a quiet part of the restaurant. The duck was delicious & company was sweet. Saturday our pal Karen came to stay with us & despite having been absolutely miserable earlier, I was persuaded to go out for Thai food at AiYara. This restaurant is fantastic & all the elephant china is so pretty. Yum! Sunday we went for breakfast at one of the many Royal Oaks with the Karen's & Geoff & Katherine & the Timbit. Another great outing with great company that was followed with a trip to the National Gallery to see the Christopher Pratt exhibit. I love, love, love his work. The lines, the reflections, such simple beauty & light. I could go on, but I'm done with the art lectures since finishing the teaching jobs & I feel this anxious stress if I start to think about them. Anyway, if you live in Ottawa, go see the show.

Today we got a lovely present in the mail from Grammy Drover. Aren't these the sweetest things you've ever seen? The little sweater & cap in the middle is for "going home" & the big hat is for the big baby. He wanted a Steve Zissou red cap so he could dance around in his speedo after the birth, but he got this instead & it looks great on me (tee hee). The ones on the right are colour coded & teeny weeny & the ones on the left are for a big headed munchkin.


Close up of the outfit. How sweet. Posted by Picasa

Thanks so much Grammy! Our little monkey will look so cute & feel super soft & cuddly. Yay!

So I now must go out & do all the last minute purchases & then I can hunker down, do some work (yup, still working & I'm glad because really, daytime tv sucks major ass), laundry & panicking while wating for the bun to emerge from its cozy oven. Stay tuned for updates. We've got a midwife appointment this Thursday & another booked for next week as well so we'll see what they say when we see them. I'll let ya'll know when the show begins & Calvin swears he is going to set up a web cam so you can all witness the sailor mouth live. No money shots though or I will personally castrate the boy. You are my witnesses.


Anonymous said...
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Maggie said...

You're looking as good as ever. I'm so excited for you. Mom and Heather called me this morning so I thought it had all started (they never call in the morning). But no, Heather had hit a deer on her way home from work early this morning and they just had to let me know.
You are going to be an awesome mom. I've always looked up to you and think you're the coolest.
FYI - I didn't have any show until I was already at the hospital. I woke up 3 days overdue with menstrual cramps 3 minutes apart, all day long until we had little B at 4:12. My water didn't break on it's own with Mark or Brynn. I had little B 12 minutes after the doc broke it for me.
Hope it goes smoothly. Can't wait for the webcam. Love your Jasper family.

Mom said...

Hi Laura
Just read and viewed your entertaining, informative, and almost live update.

You look loveleeeee!! Do you have a strong sense of sex??? I mean of the wee one. Your sisters do, and I certainly did when I was pregnant with you but clueless about your siblings, and I surely can't call this one. It will be a happy surprise to be sure.

By the by, plans have changed regarding driving to the Peg at November's end (or any other time in the forseeable future for that matter). Graeme's plan to be there has changed, so we'll have to change ours too. We may still show up at a moment's notice, but don't panic, we will give you a moment's notive and we can cook, clean, change diapers, soothe fevered brows, and serve you Guiness with the best of them. Don't worry, we won't monopolize the wee one.

I can't tell you how excited I am for you both. I know you will be a great mom and Calvin will be a devoted dad.

Well, off to the big rally in front of our MP's office. (You know, the teacher's strike in BC.) When will the politicians get it? Maybe today!!

Love to all three of you.
Mon & Ken

bunmaster said...

Awh, you guys are so nice to me. I miss you all too.

Thanks for the show info Mags... neither I or the midwife are sure if that's what came out or if its just hormones increasing the snot production. Yuck! Sounds like there is no family history of water breaking in weird places so hopefully I'll get lucky there too. Maybe I should stop being so active.

Hey mum. Glad you got a chance to have a look. Still sort of feeling like its a girl, but then I really just don't know. We'll see soon enough I guess.

Love you all,