Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The one with the booze


yummy & loaded with iron

This was at Joan's house for Thanksgiving dinner #1. After mashing the potatoes I needed a rest so I sat on the couch with my wee bit of beer. Toby dog decided to join me for some quality relaxation time & butt scratches. Mid scratch he happened to get a whiff of the Guinness & proceeded to go crazy, jumping all over me & barking, trying to lick the can & my face at the same time. (Kind of like Calvin after a few beers.) Once Calvin figured out that he wanted my beer he got him a little shot glass so he could have a sample taste.

toby likes it too

Obviously he enjoyed it.

guinness is good for you Posted by Picasa

He lapped it all up, barked for more & then passed out under the table while we enjoyed our delicious Thanksgiving feast. Good times. Too bad Joxer the Mighty Dog hates the smell of liquor - it could've been an entertaining way to get him to stop begging at the table.

Monday we went over to Scott & Barbie's house for Thanskgiving #2, complete with yummy stuffing & cupcakes. I'm telling you, if it wasn't for these meals this weekend, I probably would've eaten more McD's or popcorn. Because I'm just that lazy at the moment. Screw actually cooking something healthy for myself. I'm going for whatever is easiest. Today I might have enough energy to open a can of consome soup... we'll see. I think there's some ice cream bars in the freezer that could have the upper hand because it is easier to tear open one of the plastic wrappers than it is to muster my strength to use the can opener & get a pot.

Oh ya, we had one other nice meal on Friday at Haveli's after an afternoon at the Laff with Lucky Ron. Always a fun adventure there, especially when Calvin starts on the quarts of cinquant ( did I spell that right?). If you've never seen Lucky Ron, do yourself a favour & go down on a Saturday afternoon. Its like the country music version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or the sing-a-long Sound of Music. There's clapping, singing, choreographed hand movements, plus the occaisional guest performance. This weekend we got to hear Golfball Tractor & a rousing rendition of Thank God I'm a Country Boy, the latter sung by some dude on his stag, dressed in the finest 1980's one piece tracksuit. Skin-tight, black, with lightning like streaks of fluorescent pink, neon green , yellow & aqua lines. On top of this was a lovely blue teddy & rainbow clown hair. We even have video proof. Nothing better my friends, nothing better.

Today (Thursday now - yes I know this post was started yesterday) we had a midwife appointment & I was grumpy. I'm not as grumpy now that I've had a cup of sweet, sweet coffee, but I'm still tired. Getting out of the house & chatting with someone sympathetic does wonders for a bad mood. Why so grumpy? Slept like crap of course. Can't get comfortable. Feeling crampy. Felt weird cramps after Thanksgiving dinner #2 as well, but since they led to nothing I'll assume it was some sort of gas. Woke up Tuesday morning around 5 am to pee & then had bad lower back cramps for about an hour or so, leaving me wondering what the hell was going on. Those I am now presuming were from the little parasite flipping over to my right side since I'm now getting kicks on my spleen versus my appendix. Much less comfortable of course & I've got this butt pointing out at a strange angle under my diaphragm. Its lodged up there good.

I thought these things were supposed to move less now since there is less room. No one seems to have notified the bun. It hasn't stopped moving for more than an hour at a time for the past couple of weeks & appears to be doing the hustle non-stop since it flipped. The flipping thing is a wee bit scary at this point & I laid awake for a few hours last night worrying that perhaps it had done a complete somersault & was now breech. Turns out the midwife was mildly worried about this too as she had some trouble locating the heartbeat at first & then once found, was in a strange place, near what we thought was the butt. She got another midwife to take a look (read uncomfortable prodding of abdomen) & was reassured (as were we all) that the head was indeed still down with a 99.5% probability. Unengaged of course. The little bugger still hasn't dropped & they think its ROP so its sort of facing sunny side up. If this doesn't change, its back labour here we come! At least that's what the internet tells me. Of course the internet knows all.

I've also been feeling a new sensation, or perhaps, lack thereof at the top of my belly. It now goes numb & pins & needles at odd times. Maybe if that butt moved down a little it wouldn't feel so odd when I scratch or rub it. The rest of the midwife appointment was pretty good, though the blood pressure got higher again (126/80). She says that at this late point in the game its still fine & everything is going well. Fundal height measures at 38.5 (I'm 39 weeks tomorrow) so we're still growing & apparently I still have lots of muscle tone in my abs. Who'd've thunk it? My pal V who's a labour & delivery nurse estimated on Monday (Thanksgiving #2) that the bun looks like it should be about 6.5 - 7 pounds. With just over a week to go to due date (da-duh-duhn!) & a last possible date of November 4th, we figure it will be around 8 pounds & not the 10 I was dreading.

Anyway, I'm now going to go for a swim & take some of this weight off my hips & legs. Tomorrow is my massage. Tonight I take Benadryl before I go to sleep. Ahhhhh, sweet, sweet knock out drugs. Maybe I'll even have another half a Guinness. mmmmm

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