Monday, October 03, 2005

Birthdays & boobs

Some belated Happy Birthdays to Christine E, Tonya, Uncle Scott & my pal Tracey's new little 10 pound stinker, Scarlett. Yay! The biggest birthday wish goes out of course to my mum, celebrating her .... well, maybe she doens't want it broadcast so lets just say its a major milestone-ish one. Here's to you Weener!

Man I love that wallpaper!

Not much new around here, just getting things organized & ready for bun. Halloween outfit purchased - check. Santa Claus Pub Crawl outfit picked out - check. Baby care tips from the Onion read - check. Shirt with boob holes purchased - check. Let's see..... what else could I be forgetting?

Probably everything. Do I care anymore? Not so much. I'll just send the sugar daddy out when we get desperate. I know how much guys love to be sent to the drugstore to buy feminine hygiene products & urinary incontinence bedpads. Not to mention the hemorrhoid cream & the diaper rash ointment. Oh what fun it is to look forward to this stuff.

I think I'm beginning to freak out.


Maggie said...

You look so cute. Mom looks cute too. Thanks for seding me a birthday present. I love it. Can't wait to try the Wig Wags.
Love Maglet

bunmaster said...

yay wig wags!!!! But they aren't really 3 hands high anymore are they?

Anonymous said...

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