Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Have nothing, not got nothing dumbass

So I was pretty tired when I put up the pictures this morning. Now I am still tired but it's a good physical tired rather than being brain dead & in dire need of caffeine. We actually made it to a Strollercize class today & it was hard but fantastic. I've been meaning to go from the start but something or laziness always prevented me from getting my butt in gear to get there on time. At first the whole nap schedule didn't jive, then it got cold & Doodles hated getting bundled up in warm clothes & being strapped into a car seat. Then I didn't want to get bundled up & go outdoors because let's face it, staying at home in my house pants in front of the tv was much more appealing than walking in the snow.

Even though I'm spinning twice a week & trying to walk as much as I can the excess pounds have not been melting off. I've been really lax about the 10km running clinic I signed up for so that probably has a lot to do with it, plus I'm still not eating super great (damn it I'm still hungry!). I've missed 2 Saturday clinics, once was because we were out of town & the other, I slept in. Ooops. I never make it to the Sunday & Wednesday night runs either so I have been wondering if I would be able to make it through a 10km race in May. But I swore I would do it right? I know I could slog through it doing 10's & 1's but there's no way I'd be back to my old pace.

Today though because of Strollercize I think I can up my training nicely (not crazily) by going 3 times a week. I'm sure I won't necesarily run each time but it'll get me out & moving. The woman who runs it is fantastically motivating & super nice & I also met some very lovely ladies today. Plus there's Starbucks afterwards. (mmm peppermint soy latte) Today I ran / walked 7km with a 16 pound (maybe?) baby in a stroller (plus diaper backpack) in the wind (both ways - go figure, plus bad mum that I am I forgot to put a blanket over the bun so she was pretty cold at the end). My muscles are sore & tired but in a good way & I am just proud of myself for doing it. It's a nice feeling.

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Connie said...

It's all about the Starbucks really :-) I'm sure you can do the 10 km run no problem. Who cares if you're not at the same pace as before. I always tell myself at least I'm moving faster than the spectators cheering and eating ice cream cones on the side of the road. Don't get me wrong - spectators are awesome, they've gotten me through many a run, but the point is at least you're attempting the run. And I figure unless you're going for a medal and the money, it really doesn't matter how long it takes you to finish. At least you did it ...