Wednesday, June 01, 2005

National Capital Race Weekend

Here's some photos in random order of last weekend's National Capital Race Weekend. Congrats to all our pals who ran in various races. Some good ass kicking going on! Being in my "period of confinement" (read excuse to be lazy) I got to make signs, hand out a power bar & cheer my friends on wearing the brightest clothes I could find that fit. Surprisingly the weather turned out great.. no thunderstorms at least, though apparently the 16km mark (or so) got really hot & Calvin lost his sweat glands. Calvin & I also got to spend almost $40 on Chateau Laurier breakfast consisting of 1 egg, 1 bagel, 1 order of bacon & toast, 1 oj & 2 coffees. Looking at it now, we probably should've spent the $21 each & got the extra special buffet. Besides that, it was a great weekend & it was fun to have Christine up again. My goal is to do the 10km this time next year.... remind me in about 8 months ok.

Oh the pain.... these firefighters "ran" the entire marathon like this. Then there was backpack man who made me cry, wearing a 70 lb army backpack. I know it was his choice, but still.... I feel teary just thinking about it (damn hormones!).

Barefoot & pregnant in the kitchen. Nice.

Timbit likes the glassware.

Cheering on mom. Congrats Katherine on your 10km! I'll join you next year.

7 am smiles. Waiting for the start of the marathon... getting hungry.

Leaders of the pack. Holy crap are these guys ever fast. Posted by Hello

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