Thursday, April 20, 2006


Damn bird.Posted by Picasa
(Doodles actually loves this bird but they got into some kind of argument regarding nap time.)

So ya, the plague. But not really. She's just a wee bit sick again. Could be allergies I suppose but it's gone from just sneezing & rubbing her eyes constantly to a runny nose (clear but it's like a freaking hose man & my boob feels like it has been shellacked) & a pathetic hacking cough. Oh and her cute girly noises have a slight hint of Brenda Vaccaro meets Kathleen Turner. That is if they cooed & garbled like a 5 & a half month old.

The infant cold & flu drops last night got thrown up. Not spit up. Full on puke because she despises it so much she makes herself gag. She's eating ok but she's all stuffed up so nursing is frustrating for her - again. Her head feels feverish but the thermometer says everything is fine. And yes I only did it in the armpit. I refuse to stick anything up her butt. Flat out refuse. La la la I am not listening to you.

So now I am stressing about ear infections because she's been pulling at them for the past few days. I know this is an unreliable symptom but with the other stuff it's a little concerning. I think we'll wait it out until tomorrow as she's been napping a hell of a lot (great for me but kinda weird) & is in a pretty good mood for being a sick little monkey.

See. (Had to do it this way because the embed was screwing up my margins.)

Me? I've got a headache & am feeling not so hot myself.

Bunnies? At least three of them are still there. No rabbit prints that I can see but the little hoppers appear to be doing ok so I'll just keep checking on them. I dreamt that their mother was taking care of them so I think that bodes well.

Then again, I also dreamt that I stole someone's camera at a wedding type event & then pretended to find it under some garbage when the police came & boarded the bus we were all on to arrest the Kevin Federline look-a-like that everyone was accusing of thievery. What the hell that means I have no idea. Perhaps it bodes well for K-Fed.


Stefanie said...

my babe pulls at her ear all the time too. I don't know what this means. It doesn't seem like an ear infection but who the fuck knows.

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