Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Easter Bunny is Late

But she did leave these in my garden:

baby bunnies

The stupid dog was acting a bit weird yesterday afternoon when I let him out in the front yard. Of course he has to go where he's not supposed to - in the garden area. He usually just ends up sitting in the dirt & getting tangled around one of the bushes & then barks until I go rescue him. This time he was barking but when I went to let him in he was pulling at the leash & snuffing up a storm. There was a whole lot of rabbit hair strewn around the dirt so I thought there was an injured adult he wanted to eat. I couldn't find anything but the dog was persistant so I looked again & found a nest. It's a shallow depression filled with rabbit fur & old bits of mulch. I think there's about 4, maybe 5 little kits in there & they are so sweet & cute. Their eyes are pretty much still closed & they are squirming around quite a bit.

We put out some flour around the nest so we could check for the mother's prints today since they only come back to check up on their young twice a day (dawn & dusk usually). I'm worried that one of the neighbourhood cats might've got her though because I couldn't discern any tracks today but the nest did seem a bit fixed up.

That is until I let the stupid dog outside. Our gate into the back yard doesn't latch so well so the jackass got out in front & started digging up the nest. I went to let him in & he wasn't there so I ran to the front & there he was with a poor little bunny in his mouth making pathetic tiny screeching noises. I screamed at him & he dropped it on the ground. I yanked him inside & yelled at him so all the neighbourhood could hear & then went to check on the furry bundle. I laid a towel over it to pick it up & it started trying to hop so I think it'll be ok. There didn't appear to be any torn skin & the limbs were working fine. I put it back & tried to cover up the nest even more.

I don't know if Joxer (the asshole dog) got anymore before I caught him with that one but I won't be letting him out in the front yard anytime soon. As of now he's been whining to get back out there for about 3 hours. That's fun. Grrrrr! Now I just have to be on the lookout for the cats & hope I can find some bunny footprints tomorrow or, sucker that I am, I'll be fostering some baby buns.

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Brynn said...

I wish we had bunnies in Jasper. They are so cute. I think there are jack rabitts but we never see them. We did have some mule deer and elk in the yard last night though.
Take care of those bunnies.
Love Brynn

Jody said...

Hi ya,
I just heard on the radio this week that rabbits live for about 10 years in captivity. Yikes! Just want to make sure you know what you're getting into if you decide to help them out bringing them into your growing family.
Good luck!

bunmaster said...

Oh I won't keep them - just foster them until they are good to go back into the wild. Hopefully. I did it once with an orphaned squirrel (I named him Squirrely - how original) until the wildlife rescue people took over. I don't know - it's probably a bad idea but so helpless & cute.

We had 2 rabbits as pets up until 5 years ago. Babs the good one died while we were on vacation & we finally had to give the evil one away because our allergies got so bad. Plus the dog wanted to eat them all the time.

Jody said...

Well it sounds like you're far more informed about it than me. I'll stay tuned to see what happens. Your blog is my new daily soap opera. :> Only more aesthetically pleasing.

scarbie doll said...

OMG -- so freakin cute. Almost as cute as your baby girl!

Barbie said...

Let us know when they are moving a bit more. I'm sure the boys would love to look at them!!

They are so cute!!!