Tuesday, April 11, 2006

bad wife / good mommy

As Calvin is wont to use my laptop whenever he gets the chance (despite the fact that there is a huge desktop sitting right beside it that waits oh so patiently for the touch of his magic fingers) he sometimes gets to read things that I've left up on my screen (that I am just usually about to come back to & therefore, do not like to find that they've disappeared & been replaced by google searches about freeride bikes, conditions at Whistler or that I'm now logged out of my e-mail so he can check his because he obviously doesn't get enough of it at work with the 1000 + e-mails he gets a day). So yesterday while I am feeding baby he nefariously sits down at my lifeline to the world & starts reading this wonderful post by a very funny blogger I just started reading (like I've got the time to add more to my list?!).

Poor boy thought it was something I had written about him.

And so I am a bad wife.

Because I don't write nice things about him. And I drive him to drink.


I am sorry that I never started a blog like this for you sweetie.

But I know that you think I'm a good mum & that I hope, makes up for the lack of praise for you here on this amazing information superhighway (see I wrote it like you like it dude). I hope it makes up for the lack of getting any, the emotional outburts, the not being able to express myself better in person versus here & the general dissaray of our household (though I'm only taking half the blame for that). I am obviously slacking in my wifely duties & so here I am saying, dude, you rock.

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Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, dude, you must be doing something right to have produced such an ADORABLE child (yes, I yelled that 'adorable.' Stopped me from inserting curse word for emphasis.)

The Husband finds the blog to be a mixed blessing, I think. Likes the props, but the publicness of it makes him squirm a bit. He'd probably rather that I just greet him at the door wrapped in Saran Wrap and nothing else. But he gets Poetic Odes instead and that's probably just okay.

bunmaster said...

Awh thanks dude! We like her so I think we'll keep her despite the propensity for albatross-like squawking.

I think every husband has that Saran Wrap fantasy. That & Princess Leia right?