Sunday, April 09, 2006

5 Months

This has been a month of big changes and lots of growing my little sweet cheeks. It now feels like time is slipping out of my hands watching you master all kinds of new tricks & discovering this crazy world you live in. I have this desire to make you stay as you are - so cute & small & dependent on me - but I know that's an impossibility. As weird as this sounds, there's definitely moments where I want to breastfeed you forever just so I can keep you close to me. That, and never have to deal with real poop.

Yup. Though I'm sure you'll hate me one day for letting the world know, yesterday for your five month birthday you had your first almost regular person crap. That is if that person had been eating butterscotch pudding for a week for a half. You've changed my sweet and in this instance change is not a good thing because it's a hell of a lot smellier than before. So far you've had about 8 teaspoons of rice cereal which seemed to keep all the poop contained - so much so that you didn't go for almost three days. Quite worrisome for me as you'd pretty much go on schedule every day before that. So I gave you a break from the rice and once things were back to normal I tried some barley cereal the other day. Let me tell you, that certainly got things moving & increased the fart factor by about 10. Now I'm not sure if I should keep going with this or just keep you solely on the boob for another month. Does the increase in gas production mean you are having trouble digesting this new victual and I need to let your intestinal tract develop a bit more or do I continue with the cereal because, well, in this family at least, the gas is inevitable? Who knows? The doctor seemed mildly shocked that I hadn't given you any solids at your 4 month checkup so I felt bad & gave you some but then I read I don't need to bother until 6 months. Normally I just take all the info & do my own version dependent on your cues but this food thing is a little freaky.

Nursing is still going surprisingly well & I totally credit my Lily Padz (with a z so you know they're rad) for the turn of events in that department. Seriously, these things rock & I've saved a bundle of moolah not buying the diposable kind (with the thrush I was changing those suckers about 4 times a day), not to mention trees or whatever the hell they are made of. FYI the Padz just kind of seal up rather than soak up which is just fine leakage wise unless you decide not to eat for hours at a time. For instance, I thought you were on a nursing strike a couple of weeks ago and perhaps you were or perhaps you just decided that you wanted to be like the ancient Romans and eat only when reclined. It was quite weird & even now it seems you just want to eat lying down instead of in any type of cradle hold. Fine by me, I'm all for lying down on the job.

As for lying down you'll have none of that anymore, thank you very much. Unless you're tired of course. It just seems that as soon as I put you down you are rolling over onto your belly which is great for about 5 minutes max. Then the grumbling starts because you can't move forward well enough to get whatever it is in front of you that you desire. Sometimes you can roll back onto your back again but it's not as consistent as the other way around. While on your belly you can now get your toes under your feet & push off to get your cute little butt in the air & as of a day or so ago your knees are almost making it up under your butt as well. You want to crawl so bad & you try so hard but there is a lot of face planting going on so your frustration level is pretty high. Yesterday you scooted forward about 2 feet towards me & then did a 360 before you got fed up so I know you've got it in you. You just need more practice.

And so, practice you do....

on your mark

get set - roll!

go go

gadget feet

i made it!

that was tiring - now what? Posted by Picasa

Oh there's so much to do & things to see these days. You are still in love with the baby in the mirror, the jolly jumper and all of your books but now you try to also eat them. This is hard for me to watch because I am very particular about keeping my own books in mint condition (Calvin gets in trouble for not using bookmarks) and I want you to have these forever so I am constantly wiping the slobber off of them. You are still playing snack bar when you eat but have also taken to clawing & grabbing at my shirt & pulling it over your face. I'm not sure if you just like to eat in the dark along with lying down or it's just something to do. You'll also grab & hold my fingers & move your arm in circles or up & down if you can't get at the shirt - all while pushing off of my legs with your feet. It's quite the workout sometimes & I can definitely tell when you've had enough because you either twist off of my boob or you do this iron cross move where you straighten up your little body & arch your back to get away. At first I was a little offended & thought maybe my milk tasted awful or something but now I know it's just your delightful way of telling me you are full.

You now get distracted very easily & want to be entertained most of the time. I often get the feeling that I need to do more with you & that I'm perhaps a bit too quiet but then I catch myself talking to you in the third person or singing a silly tune and you'll just beam at me so I know it's going to be ok. Plus daddy talks more than enough to make up for my reticence. You still laugh more with him but it's now suddenly tempered with you being frightened of him sometimes when he gets too rambunctious or loud so I always know you'll come back to me for the snuggles. You are beginning to get startled now from sudden loud noises & you'll open your eyes so wide I think they might pop & then you will either laugh or start screaming.

Speaking of screaming, those three nights of hell for me stopped as suddenly as they started & I am so grateful. I think that with all the growing, new food, new people (Grandma - who she adored!) & the daylight savings time thing going on you were just a wee bit confused & uncomfortable. I know the peace won't last but I'm thankful that my eardrums are getting a break for now. Maybe you had a headache because I think your head grew while Grandma was here & you are definitely longer than you were. Only thing is, the meat on your bones isn't what it used to be - in fact I can now feel your ribs & your arms feel kinda skinny too so I guess it's a good thing we are attempting that whole solid food business. Your cheeks of course are still nice & pinchable so everyone at least gets the impression that I'm feeding you well.

Anyway monkey, I'm still a little sleep deprived (that's never going to end is it?) & this is getting long & probably boring so I'll end of with a kiss to your sweet little self & promise that I'll let you grow any way you want to.


Maggie said...

Thanks for the update Lala. Sounds as though Freyja is movin' along just fine. How old was this doctor that was surprised that you hadn't fed her solids at 4 months? You are right about the 6 month thing. That's the norm out here anyway. I think I gave B rice cereal about a week before she was 6 months. I also have a friend who's daughter would not have a poo for a week sometimes. B on the other hand hasn't gone a day without one.
Have fun with the bun.

Mom said...

Hello my girls!!

Lovely blog Laura. Kiss 'the bun' for me cause I miss her a lot.


Anonymous said...

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