Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Last year for Valentine's Day I gave Calvin this.

Well, judging from the date on the stick, it must have been one like it, though probably not as dark & definitive. Either that or I used my wacky time machine.

This year doodle bug & I gave him this.

I heart daddy.

Not sure what he liked better, the pee on a stick or a sassy paper heart cut out rather badly by moi. He sure liked the packaging though. Awh, what corniness.

Me, I received some yummy treats that I proceeded to wolf down. Actually this is all that's left.

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Whenever I get more chocolate than I should eat at one sitting, let alone in one week, I play this stupid game with myself where I try to hide the stash from my prying eyes & knowing belly. I'll put it in places where chocolate does not belong like Freyja's hat & sock drawer or the fancy china (what do you mean you have fancy china?) sideboard /cyborg. Oh ya sure, like that's gonna stop me. Might as well eat it all at once, get it over with, feel like crap & swear I never want to eat chocolate again. Kind of like going on a bender & swearing off the booze "forever". We've all heard that one before, either out of ours or our significant other's mouths. Works every time doesn't it? Until the next week when you've got that night out on the town you just have to go to or your social status as "charming /entertaining / charismatic / good-looking (asshole?) when loaded" friend will be out the proverbial window. Ooops.

Ya, so the chocolate..... It's calling my name & haunting my dreams (I swear I woke up thinking about it & how I could make an excuse to eat it for breakfast). I've been trying to go for a walk all day to justify eating it, but the little monkey has decided now that her grandparents have gone, to sleep for most of the day. They kept asking while they were here, why she wasn't napping. I was thinking it was one of those growth spurts when all she wants to do is eat & be grumpy, but now I'm of the opinion that she just really didn't want to miss out on any of the spoiling her with kisses action. That & probably a bit of overload. I don't have the energy to rattle a toy in her face non-stop all day, but when there's two more people to take over that load, well, it's party time. She just soaked it all in while I half-heartedly attempted to clean up & do a bit of laundry.

Speaking of laundry (are you excited?), we finally got our stupid dryer fixed yesterday so it is back to the Bounce my friends. Speaking of stupid, after the fix-it guy left I went to do a load of much needed towels but didn't notice that he had moved the hose going from the washer to the laundry sink. Moved it so it was pointing to the floor behind the washer. So, I come downstairs all happy & ready to put in another load of clothes, only to see my laundry room flooded. Being the moron that I am, I didn't even notice the hose issue. I just thought something else had gone wrong so I waited until hubby got home, pulled him aside & showed him the mess, whereupon he could only shake his head very patronizingly at me. Silly girl with mommy brain drain..... go eat some chocolate.

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