Monday, February 06, 2006


So it looks as though that resolution of posting something everyday has obviously not worked out according to plan. I'm also eating an Easter Cream Egg as I type so I guess that cutting back on sugar thing isn't going so well either. I start off every morning with the best of intentions & entire posts all formulated in my head & then I get distracted by my little mistress doing something like this.

Little miss blue eyes

Or this...


Girl has found her tongue so she now spends her time sticking it out at me or shoving her fist in her mouth. That and of course, talking to the cookie monster & the polka dots on her chair. She can have an entire conversation with a couple of dots & some googly eyes which is very entertaining for both of us. Hence me being distracted from more & better posting. That and the fact that I also end up spending more time reading other people's blogs than working on my own because it's easier to read than type with one hand while I'm holding a squirmy baby in the other. By the time I get to put her down I've already read several opinions on what I was going to talk about & it really feels like someone else has covered it much better & with much more wit than I can at this point so really, why bother?

For instance I can pretty much do this:
Parenting issues bullshit? here & well, this is cute.
Sex? almost ditto.
The baby love? same here but without the long sleeps - but hey, see above.

There's lots more & it all becomes very circular in this weird circuitous way. In a nutshell, I read way too much & therefore, procrastinate coming up with anything original. Just to prove my point even further I'm ripping off my new buddie scarbiedoll and doing this meme that's been clogging up the (gag! I hate this word) blogoshpere for the last couple of weeks. Why? Because I can & I suck & I'm lazy & it's easier than editing the birth story that I've been working on for oh, what has it been? Almost three freaking months? Holy crap, my bun has been out of the oven for almost three whole months!!!

Anyway, meme away.....

Four jobs I've had.
  1. Body Shop salesperson & trainer for about 10 freaking years. So many weirdos & so many smells.
  2. Nanny in the English Cotswolds. In fact I lived here before it became a B 'n B.
  3. Archival & library assistant at MUN
  4. Interior designer / cad monkey / teacher.
Four movies I could watch over & over.
  1. Cinema Paradiso
  2. An American in Paris (or anything with Gene Kelly)
  3. The Sound of Music (who can't watch this over & over again?)
  4. Zoolander or maybe Dodgeball (for when my brain can't handle working any harder than it has to)
Four places I've lived.
  1. Winterpeg, Manitoba
  2. London, England
  3. St. John's, Newfoundland
  4. Ottawa, Ontario
Four TV shows I love.
  1. New favorite is Grey's Anatomy (holy crap, did you see last night?!)
  2. Law & Order SVU & CI
  3. Ellen (she makes daytime tv a better place for me & Freyja likes her song)
  4. America's Next Top Model (or as I call my secret shame, Bitchy Models)
Four places I've been on vacation.
  1. Iceland & Scotland
  2. Mexico City & Acapulco
  3. big driving trip from Ottawa to Kelowna & back with stops in the S.D. Badlands, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, Banff & Japser National Parks, etc.
  4. Stowe, Vermont (annual camping / eating Ben & Jerry's trip)
Four blogs I visit daily.
  1. Freakgirl (she's always first)
  2. mr. nice guy (I need to laugh)
  3. the rest I kinda divy up - I pretty much check on all the ones I list here daily in no particular order
Four favorite foods.
  1. Chicken Korma
  2. Maple glazed salmon
  3. Steamed rice (I can make a meal out of this)
  4. Strawberries & raspberries
Four places I'd rather be.
  1. Hawaii - hiking
  2. Iceland - soaking in a natural hot spring
  3. Venice - less tourists right now - actually anywhere in Italy would be great about now
  4. Istanbul, not Consantinople - hint, hint
Four CDs I listened to most recently. As you can see I don't buy new cds often.
  1. The Smiths - Singles
  2. The Be Good Tanyas - Blue Horse - this little ditty always brings a tear to my eye
  3. The Style Council - Our Favorite Shop
  4. Bjork - medĂșlla
Last four vehicles I've owned.
  1. Honda SiR - the only vehicle I've personally ever owned & even then, Calvin pays for most of it. I love it, small, good mileage, peppy & gets lots of looks from young guys who wanna race me until they see the baby seat in the back.
  2. BoB stroller - again I love this thing & it's rockin suspension.
  3. Giant mountain bike - don't ask what model - that's buddy's thing
  4. Does Calvin's history of cars count? Sirocco, Saab, Kia.....
Okeedokee, this took longer than I thought & doodle bug is in a really pissy mood today so toodles people after one last cheeky baby photo.

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Mom said...

Hey there..........

That daughter of yours (granddaughter of mine)gets more loverley every day.

It sounds as though you are both feeling better....hope so. Call me when you have time. I know you'll be having company soon.


Brynn said...

Hi Freyja. I like your ducky shirt. Do you like my jammies? Hi Auntie Laura. I draw a picture for Auntie Laura. I'm making an ocean for the duck. Bye.