Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free dog

cute asshole Posted by Picasa

Seriously. Note the time.
The whine is like a high-pitched tea kettle that someone never takes off the stove.

Any takers?


Mom said...

Hi Laura:

My sympathies. You don't need the aggravation, particularly these days.

I'm sure that if you advertised "free Dalmation" in the paper, you'd get a lot of interest.

I know it's seems heartless but the dog can't be happy either. Or, try the local SPCA because they usually screen potential owners.

It sounds as though you had a good visit with Calvin's parents. I'll just bet they loved baby to bits.

Talk to you soon.

Love Mom

Mom again said...

Hi again

Forgot to comment on the pics from the other day.

I think Freyja looks a little like Brynn in the picture of her with Daddy and heart.

She sure is a looker.