Friday, February 17, 2006

The unbearable cuteness of being

At the moment I feel like Dorothy when the tornado is coming to tear her house off it's foundation. The wind here is crazy & my entire house is rattling & shaking. And I think it is supposed to get worse so I'm not sure if Calvin is going to make it back home this evening. The man has been in Atlanta since Wednesday for business so I've been holed up at home with no baby meltdown back up handler. Thankfully the bun has been taking lots of naps now that her grandparents have gone (thanks kid - why couldn't you show off your excellent nap-taking skillz while they were here, thus proving my fantastic mummyness qualities) so she's been in an excellent mood for the most part. In fact she only screamed for 5 minutes when I put this ultra cute hat & pair of mittens on her yesterday. 5 minutes people. It was like a dream.

Little bunny

She's all bundled up for our outing to the library & pharmacy. See, I did follow through with one of those New Year's Resolutions - I am now an official library card carrier & user. I signed myself up a couple of weeks back & of course found out that I had to pay a late fine from 8 years ago. That was such an entirely different lifetime I barely remember it. So I shouldn't have to pay it right? Whatever. I didn't even bother asking what book it was for. What's the point? I then proceeded to embarrass myself further by taking out a book called Porno. Ya that's right. Don't get all weirded out, it's the sequel of sorts to Trainspotting, the book that would catapult Ewan McGreggor into many a gal's celebrity boyfriend status. Despite the raunchy horrid toilet scene & the heroin, you could see the cuteness. Anyway, being the lazy git that I am I had never read Trainspotting, only seen the movie, so I was unaware of the rampant use of colloquiallisms & Scottish jargon in Welsh's work. Holy crap, that stuff is hard to read. Even out loud. Even having a Scottish grandmother (not that I've ever noticed a very strong accent mmmm). So I read about 1/16th of Porno and had to take it back to the library. Because I could not get through it. I gave up. What a sad reflection on my brain that I could just not get through a book. I'll read anything. Well just about. Some of the crap I've read while breastfeeding has sucked the big one let me tell you, but when you are stuck on the couch with a ravenous squirrely creature attached to your boob, there's not a lot of options.

Ya, so anyway, I go to the library with my 3 month old baby girl, pay a late fine from eons gone by & take out a book with a picture of a blow-up doll on the cover. Classy. And then I try to redeem myself this time by taking out books for the bun only to come up to the counter with another odd title for myself. Assasination Vacation. The girl at the counter gave me a really weird look (having just checked in the blow-up doll book) & even though I'm under no illusion that I'm that important to her or even memorable I am so sure her & the other library lady were having a good snicker at my expense as we walked away. I would've done the same - in fact I know I have. But this book rocks so far. Yay!

So I've been trying to write the rest of this all day, but the little monkey is not letting me..... so until tomorrow my friends & family. Now is time for bed while we wait for daddy to get home.


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Maggie said...

Nice Teether Ball. Brynn loved hers too. Hope Calvin made it home safe and sound. It's damn cold here in Jasper these past few days, at least we don't have that wind though. Nothing new to report. Can you tell me some good books I should read? I can't be bothered (don't have time) to go to the library and simply scan through them. :)

Jody said...

Hi Laura,
I'm still reading your posts daily - and thanks for the card! It's so exciting to receive REAL mail these days. That's a pretty fancy soother Freyja's got there, nice pics.

Winter's been having a real go at us out here too. Well, it's been below zero anyway & unusually windy. The plants are confused. It's been beautiful for the last while & the plants have started to bloom but now with this cold snap, things may wait a little longer to come out - in groundhog-like fashion. As for good books, I'm reading "Don't Get Too Comfortable" by David Rakoff which was given to me. It's just a light, humor read where he tells little ancedotes of his life, but it's quite funny. I've been laughing out loud on the bus into work. I know what you mean about funny looks. :>