Thursday, February 23, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday #2

Except that it is Thursday.
And I missed last Tuesday as well.
I can see how well this is going.

Anyway, as part of the "all of me" theme I give you this.

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Even with the post-partum hair loss I still look like a freaking poodle.
A poodle with really bad bags under the eyes.

Trust me, you wouldn't kill to have hair like this, no matter what you think or say oh so nicely to me. It's a pain in the ass & the bad hair days outnumber the good ones by a longshot. It's dry, frizzy, unmanageable & I can never get the right kind or amount of product in it to make it look good for more than say, half an hour. And now, with it coming out in masses that look like this, I'm finding it everywhere. My clothes, my pillow, the couch, bathtub (oh the poor bathtub!), the car & all over the poor baby. I'm scared she's going to choke on some soon. And then I read in one of my baby books something about a hair tourniquet where a strand can get wrapped around a toe or other appendage & cut off circulation or cause immense pain. Cripey!

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions. I want to keep growing it back out but if I have to I'll chop it. It's big & fuzzy, thick in amount, but fine in quality & I need some of it to cover up my gigantic forehead. S.O.S people, S.O.S.

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