Monday, February 20, 2006

Cuteness, for real this time

At least at much as I can type while she's asleep.

Looks like I didn't really get to talking about how damn cute my baby is because I started rambling on about how much the library people care about what literary treasures I take out. It's just that I have this weird desire that I'd rather be taken for an educated reader than someone who goes to the library to take out porn. One wants to make a good impression, right? It's like those coffee table books you are supposed to put out just in case House and Home magazine suddenly decides to drop by your marvelous abode to to a spread on how well your throw pillows give that quirky punch to the oh so fabulous settee in the corner. You know the ones I'm talking about. The uber heavy art books dedicated to Matisse & David Hockney that state to the world "look at me, I know my art, aren't you impressed?". I should know, I've got a ton (they gotta weigh about that with the load I have) of them on my bookshelves. Because I'm only here to impress you. Ya, that's it.

So, about the cuteness. It's something else. Unless she's shrieking for two hours solid, like last night. Then, not so much. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with her & were almost contemplating taking her to the hospital, but then with gasping breaths (you know when you cry so hard you have to come up for air) she finally passed out. We think it might have something to do with the huge fright Calvin gave her when he started bouncing her on the yoga ball (she loves it) and it suddenly popped like I forewarned him about a couple of weeks ago when he was getting some mighty big air on it. So the ball pops & man & baby (in man's arms) are on the floor with very scared & surprised looks on their faces. I grab Freyja who'd been crying before this & who now has started the manaical shrieking & Calvin grabs his knee & tries to take it like a man. A man who, you can tell, really wants to cry because he's in a lot of pain. So that was last night.

This morning though the cutie-putootie woke up all smiles & giggles & coos with nary a shriek to be heard. Really, she's a total doll in the mornings & wakes up all slow like she's adjusting to the world above her little head, then she'll notice me & break into a huge smile that just melts my heart. It's so nice to be someone's world. We usually spend about 15 minnutes or so just playing around in bed looking at the mobile that's attached to our headboard or me making faces at her while she (as of the past two weeks) tries to grab my nose or crazy poodle hair. Then it's on to the chatting after a good diaper change. She'll sit in her swing while I eat my breakfast & chat to me or some polka-dots or Mr. Harry Elephante (like Belafonte). Then she'll start sucking on his nose.

And fall asleep like this.

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