Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wave form plot from Natural Resources Canada - Geological Survey of Canada

Last night I was watching Olympics on NBC (because all CBC seems to want to cover is bloody hockey. Note to CBC, not everyone loves hockey & some people like myself actually get excited about the Olympics because it gives us the chance to see other cool sports getting some of the coverage they deserve. But no, you still have to devote about half of the time to a bunch of overpaid men on skates & then have the gall to lead with stories about them losing before you talk about all the wonderful accomplishments of the other atheletes. Everytime the Olympics comes around you get Brian Williams talking about the lack of funding, blah, blah, blah, but perhaps the media plays a part, eh Brian? Perhaps if there was more coverage of the less popular sports, there would be more interest & therefore more chances for sponsorship for these poorly funded atheletes, etc., etc. But no.... there has to be hockey, hockey, hockey. Whatever. I'm just so sick & tired of it. OK Rant over... for now.) & all of a sudden the house started shaking. Sitting in the basement I could feel the foundation shuddering & heard things rattling upstairs. At first I thought snowplow. Then I thought earthquake so I ran upstairs and saw Calvin looking outside for those blue snowplow lights. Nope, none.

It was an earthquake allright. It measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale & was felt all the way to Montreal. Very neat & mildly concerning. This is the third earthquake I've felt since we moved to Ottawa & everytime I'm amazed that we actually get them here but apparently we are in a fairly active earthquake zone. Neat-o. The dog was acting like an ass all day so perhaps he knew something was going to happen, but hey, he's an ass most of the time so I didn't think anything of it. Come to think of it though, he's acting very needy today as well, so maybe we're in for some aftershocks. That, or he's still being a jerk.


Jody said...

Wow - I didn't know that Ottawa was in an earthquake zone either! I wonder if they do earthquake drills similar to fire drills in the schools like they do out here in BC.

Good news about the NL curlers, eh? Did you hear that they shut down school yesterday afternoon in Newfoundland so that everyone could watch the game? Only in NL. I love it.

bunmaster said...

Hi Jody!

Ya, Andy Wells proclaims a holiday, the bars were packed & Calvin's mom said there was a line-up outside the liquor store on Elizabeth Ave. tee hee

No earthquake drills as far as I know.

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