Thursday, February 02, 2006

What a contrived piece of crap

This new Survivor Panama thing just is not getting me going & I’ve watched every season religiously from the get go. They all seem like actors to me & almost every line feels scripted.

Such typical bullshit like the older, louder woman who rubs the others the wrong way, dumb jocks who can't make fire, young firm boobs magically being focused on by the cameras & over the top cigarette dude (Lex anyone?). I know the show jumped the shark long ago but this is ridiculous. Of course I’ll probably keep watching it, just like I sit shaking my head through the shit that is The Bachelor (how 'bout sticking a rose up your ass buddy?) every week but I swear I won’t be doing any worrying about the off chance that I might miss something some wannabe model / actor said.


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