Saturday, June 10, 2006

More of the same + Firefox blows goats

So I was once again interrupted whilst trying to blog last night. The silly baby turned over in her sleep again, woke herself up & hollered until I came to rescue her with some boob action. She did this about 8 times throughout the night & I had to get up & rock her around the house 3 times to get her to settle down again. Also gave her some Advil once because she kept rubbing her gums & grabbing her ears so I figured those sharp little teeth were bugging her again. It's been stupid just trying to blog this week. Blogger was down for a day & being totally dumb & then stupid Firefox kept crashing on me. Since it's been doing this for a while now I've been writing most of my posts in Word & then pasting them into Blogger so I don't lose everything I've written. If I don't do it this way I try to remember to hit the Save as Draft button every so often just in case. Of course I forgot to do this yesterday when I was typing away during the early evening slumber & lost everything. I am a dumbass. And Firefox can bite me. I don't care if it is a better web browser, it pisses me off.

Hi, I'm happy! I don't care about Firefox. Just give me a piano to bang on & everything's coming up Millhouse.


Happy happy joy joy! I am surrounded by things I can make noise to torture uncaffienated mummy with.

So ya, what else is new? I've covered the dog love, the Seacrest love, the love of twisting (my god the twisting!) & the crawling in her sleep. I've mentioned the teeth & her testing of what she can bite. She seems to know now that the boob is not for gnawing on for which I am ever thankful but everything else is fair game. We've made the foray into biscuits this week & she loves those but the slime trail they leave on her clothes leaves a lot to be desired. Even better, when she sticks her mushed up biscuit fingers in her hair. After an Arrowrot or Mum Mum episode she is covered in this gooey paste from head to toe so we've been getting a few more baths lately. Bathtime is a favorite except it means me also getting in the bath since she's too big for the infant one now & I kinda broke the convertible one that was on loan to us (sorry Barbie!). Calvin will bathe her leaning over the tub but my back just can't take that for any length of time so I just get in with her. She'll splash around like crazy & suck on her duck, cup or fish while I try to keep her from slipping out of my hands the entire time. It's like holding onto an eel with all the squirming.

Having a snack, getting some tail.

Bad snack!! Where has Eeyore been putting his tail?!

As for other eating endeavours we have been less successful as my sustenance is much preferred over anything that comes in a jar. I make attempts (in vain it seems) every day but as soon as I put her in the high chair the crying begins. I get maybe three, four if I'm lucky, spoonfuls in her mouth & then it clamps shut & she turns away, twisting once again in her chair to get as far away from the spoon as possible. It's just easier to give up & give her what she wants instead of fighting the little demon. I try & make it fun, I try different foods (except the meats - that's Calvin's job because that stuff makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I open a jar.), I am patient & persistent but it's just not going as well some of us would like. I was a bit stressed about it but the doctor assures me it is ok as long as I keep trying, others I talk to say it's fine & if it is still happening when she reaches 1 year then they'll start checking iron levels & such. She's growing so that's all that matters. I suppose we could just feed her biscuits for the rest of her life - there's gotta be some nutritional value to them. Right?

Let's see, what else.... did I tell you she squirms a lot? She's totally kicking my butt these days but apparently I'm not the only one so that makes me feel a little better. I get very little done during the day anymore due to the constant demands of my attention. This is communicated through screaming & shrieking at the top of her lungs. It's a barrel of fun let me tell you but I think I should get my hearing tested in the next few months because it's like living with Megadeath. With the new teeth she's been exploring her mouth with her tongue a bit more & experimenting with the noises she can make. Besides the shrieks she also produces this hillarious "mumumum ma ma ma ma" sound that makes my heart swell while I laugh at her, as well as a curious "ba-bo-bo" when she sees a book. This morning I swear she said "ruff" when I showed her the blue hexangonal dog toy so I know she's a total genius.

See, she already knows how to multitask.

"I am composing a letter to a Ms. Drover to see if she is indeed the long lost relative of a certain T. Drover who was unfortunately killed in an automobile accident along with the rest of his millionare family in Nigeria. She needs to send me her banking info so I can transfer an enormous sum of money into her account."
"Of course it's legit mum! Buzz off!"

Anyway, I'm sure there's more to tell all you good people, but for the life of me I can't remember anymore at this moment. She's beaten me to a snot & I hear her stirring once again so I better go rescue her before she rolls over one more time or the screeching starts up.

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Bri said...

what a cutie pie!!! Those cheeks!!! Don't worry about the food issue (although I'm one to talk), my daughter is almost 10mths and only now is it a bit easier to get some food into her, I went through the same crying fits whenever she even looked at her chair!!!

Her Bad Mother said...

DITTO to all of it, except for the eating part (WonderBaby LOOOVES the eatin' - if she can do it herself. Spoons? Feh.) The goo from biscuits? Why they didn't glue up the New Orleans levees with that mixture I'll never know. It's tougher than cement.

And we have NOT escaped boob gnawing. Words cannot describe.

Her Bad Mother said...

Oh, and, as always, adorable.

Jody said...

Thanks for the update as always. You are one of my daily stops for sure. For some it's Starbucks, for me, it's my fav bunmaster blog.
Can't wait to meet doodles. That means she'll be 8 months when I see her. Holy moley. Time flies. We'll have to see if she remembers any dance moves from Geoff's wedding. :>

Mrs. Chicky said...

I had to smile at this post. First of all, I detest Blogger with a fiery passion of ten thousand suns. Second, you're in the same situation I was in less than a year ago and you reminded me of all my concerns at that time.

The eating. Oy, the eating.

It gets better and soon you won't have to worry about meat from a jar. Ugh.

I think I just threw up in my mouth while typing that sentence.

Lovin' you blog and your edible little babe. I shall return.

Mother Bumper said...

Ok, I must say you have one lovely lady. And those Eeyore pics just made me laugh and laugh. The look you captured is priceless. And in front of the keyboard? She looks all knowing.

Thanks for leading me to your blog. Bumper and I love looking at your pics and I'm diggin' the reading. I'll be back (said a la Arnold).

bunmaster said...

Thanks wonderful ladies!