Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Amma

Til hamingju med afmaelisdaginn! Posted by Picasa

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday Ruth!

Because I am busy "cleaning up my house" before I start an afternoon of drinking Margaritas on a patio somewhere I am being blog lazy & posting some fun links for you all to waste your time with. If you get bored, come join me & some other drinkin' mommies on our shady patio in the Glebe somewhere. Just look for the line up of strollers outside the bar.

You do not want to wake me up this way. Trust me. I would kill you if you tried any of this. That means you Todd.

Secret Agent Hasselhoff, Rhinestone Hasselhoff, Hooked on Hasselhoff & of course the Hasselhoffian Recursion. I know some of you have never seen these goodies before. Don't blame me if you go blind.

Dizzying drinking ska monkeys. Don't watch if you are hung over.

Can't go to Vegas to see the Bellagio Fountain? Here's a cheaper version. Mmmmmmmentos.

If you do have some money & can get to Paris on a Friday night, this looks totally awesome.

You've seen this stuff already haven't you? Too bad, it's cute & funny. Stuff on my cat. Cute Overload.

Plus all the things you never told your husband. True Wife Confessions. (via HBM - hillarious!)


Mumsy said...

Hey there

Can't sleep....reading your blog....speaking of getting to Paris on a Friday night....Graeme was there recently....getting engaged to his long-time love, Donaya with the very long last name.


bunmaster said...

Graeme engaged?! Holy moly I feel so old. Yay Graeme!

Maggie said...

I can't believe that Haselhoff stuff. I love the Hooked on a Feeling video. Are they for real?!?
What's this about Graeme? Holy Smokes!

bunmaster said...

It's all real baby. Thought you might like some stuff to cheer your day.

Trish said...

I loved the True Wife Confessions. Hilarious and relatable. Thanks for sharing that link.

Anonymous said...

So Hass-man (silent H) does a decent job of Rhinestone Cowboy; I can do better though. I just don't gots the leather and hot girls in the Strings Section to go with it. lol

bunmaster said...

What I like is the martini shaking girl in the Secret Agent video. He does make up for all of this in the Spongebob movie. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

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