Friday, June 02, 2006

Fabulous Freyja Friday #2

Weekly baby roundup:
  • Cut two teeth & 1 nipple with crazy razor fangs (not bad - it just smarts a little).
  • In-laws visit done leaving the Doodles with some fancy new finery to dress her up in, an unfinished laundry room, and a tired baby recovering from all the quality grandparental time.
  • Brother-in-law visit also over with Calvin sporting several new huge bruises & scrapes all over his (shaved!) legs from some crazy freeriding. Also brought wonderful finery for the baby (super cute pictures to come).
  • Froze outside trying to drink a beer on our patio.
  • Checked out the Great Glebe Garage (Garbage) Sale & spent $13 on cute handmade (not the greatest quality but good price) dresses for the baby. Sweat a lot walking around looking at the odd piece of interesting junk that could be found amid the mounds of trashed toys, cheap 1980's IKEA furniture, used ski boots & shitty paperbacks.
  • Hung out on the secret patio of Irene's Pub afterwards definitely not freezing but probably getting high for free.
  • Took baby to her first wedding shower where she was held & tickled & loved by about 20 women.
  • Went out for delicious Greek food at Papagus but had to cajole monkey child the entire time by walking around the restaurant 300 times.
  • Went out for dim sum the next day & ate until bursting. Thankfully monkey child slept in her stroller until almost the end. Then had to keep tiny hands away from the tablecloth made out of a million layers of plastic sheeting - you know, the kind of plastic used to makethose stupid ugly flowers that you put up at prom or festoon your car with .
  • tried out her boyfriend Timothy's swing & received a rockin' pink tricycle that was then rode by someone who weighs more than 25 pounds & cracked the seat but it was so worth it just to see the Homie the clown trick.
  • Spent $12 going to the Experimental Farm so the baby could check out some smelly cow pies. It was fun & she seemed to enjoy looking at the animals until a loud sheep scared the crap out of her. We could tell she loved the horse the best because as with anyone she adores, she tried to stick her fingers up his nose.
  • Baby became beast with teeth that won't stop squirming. Mother exhausted from trying to not let baby squirm out of arms, picking up toys after being thrown on floor 47 times in a row & from having pablum bubbles blown in face.
  • Went to the newish War Museum with Roopa & Uma for some air conditioned semi-educational meandering. Probably would've been more learning if we hadn't chatted the entire time about the sleeping & eating habits of our little ones but hey who needs edumacation? Oh & fyi, there were no baby changing stations to be found anywhere. Grrr.
  • Went for lovely mosquito driven walk in Mer Bleue Bog. Took lots of pictures but most came out blurry due to necessity of swatting bugs combined with the impossibilty of stopping one's movement lest they be covered in encephalitic / West Nile harbouring bug bites. Oh ya, & the thunderstorm threatening to open the skies upon us at any moment & further fuel my paranoid fears of being struck by lightning since we were the tallest things out in the open surrounded by marshy water.
  • Tried to find a decent umbrella stroller for upcoming trip to Nova Scotia but got confused by the differences in the cheapies versues the quality ones & couldn't figure out what I should buy. Do I even need one or can we just Bjorn / sling her around the airport?
  • Helped daddy make some beer by playing with the stainless steel hops bowls & chewing on plastic bottles so as to make us look like completely assinine parents. Nothing new there right? Posted by Picasa


jody said...

Thanks for the newsy update. When are you guys coming out west? I will have the pillows fluffed... and the dresser drawer ready for Freyja. :>

bunmaster said...

I don't know if her chubby little cheeks will fit in a dresser drawer. I think the dates we'll be in Vancouver are July 16 - 19th. I'll double check with Calvin & let you know. We need to do some girly shopping while the boys play with their bikes one day.

tlmackinnon said...

No need for a stroller....nowhere to stroll out here! Seriously. And for the airport, I can bring Scarlett's so you don't have to carry her while we get luggage. Same goes for car seats...I've got one that's small enough for Freyja and one for Zack too.

Her Bad Mother said...

All my comments are being eaten!

Said something very helpful about travelling with baby that I cannot reproduce now. Ah - Bjorn it. Get umbrella stroller there, if necesary. And - highly recommend Snap-N-Go (stroller chassis for car seat) - took ours to Vancouver, v. helpful.

And! Teeth! WB has no teeth yet, despite months of teething!

Anonymous said...

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