Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We're still here freaks!

Or maybe that should read the freaks are still here. I don't even pretend to understand anything anymore. I just do a lot of shoulder shrugging. Now combined with leftover Halloween treat eating. I think I'm getting a bit of a belly. What do you think?

Oh ya!

The dog still looks good though.

Super dog Posted by Picasa

Note: too much information ahead... you have been warned.

Just because I'm so sure you all want to know, there's been more snot-like emanations from the nether recesses of my crotch. Can you say gross?! At least it's a sign. But then I thought that a couple of weeks ago too & look what came of that. Though I can't find any research that backs up the theory, apparently the mucus plug can regenerate. I guess that's what happened because it looks exactly the same as before. I even have a picture if you are desperate to see the grossness - just let me know. (Yes I know it's weird to take a picture but I like documentation. I am such a freaking geek!)

I am cramping again & if I really thought about it hard enough I just might be able to feel some sort of pattern. At this point though I am just feeling a bit apathetic & nothing is feeling really bad so far so I figure, why bother? Everyone keeps saying "oh you'll know when you're in labour" and I really don't want to have a big false labour dress rehearsal only to have everything peter out and still no bun. But then, deep in the recesses of internet labour stories there are those that say they felt hardly anything until it was time to push or better yet, didn't even know they were in labour until the big moment. Oh to have such luck. Although, admittedly these are totally frightening tales in their own right - taken by surprise is not my idea of fun.

So there you have it. You'd think I'd have some elephant genes or something.


Anonymous said...
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maggie said...

You won't necessarily know it. Remeber even with my second I had to call nurse Heather and get her opinion.

Ally said...

Good luck with your delivery Laura! Hope it happens soon, sounds like you've had enough of being a prego. I was overdue with Lachlan so I can relate. Nice photo of the pumpkin, very original. Mom showed me your website so thought I'd take a peek. I saw Andrea a few weeks ago and I said I haven't seen or talked to you for about 20 years I'm sure! Labour is the one time I didn't say no to drugs. I swore I wouldn't do it but when the time came the epidural was a lifesaver for me. That and the breathing. All the best with your new baby Laura. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your bundle of joy. Your cousin, Alison

bunmaster said...

Wow hi there Alison! Long time no see is right - it's really good to hear from you. : )

I won't say no to drugs if I need them though I'd like to go without. I'll just take it as it comes & if I need help so be it - it'll all be worth it in the end I suspect.