Monday, November 21, 2005

Time flies

So my little Freyja daya doodle bug will be 2 weeks old tomorrow & life is pretty sweet. And busy and tiring and sore and emotionally draining and lovely all at the same time. The little bun has been growing very well which should be no surprise to those who've witnessed her voracious appetite. Or to anyone who's managed to see the raw stumps that were once my nipples. (Like I'll be showing those to anyone!) I swear this kid could eat a steak with the sharp little gums & killer latch that she has. I am surviving on stubborness & ibuprofen, but it is quite disturbing when you see blood in your child's mouth & know that it came from you. Then there is the let down.... let me tell you, it's quite the let down (ba da dum drum roll please). Fiery lava flow is more like it and now this is combined with a weird sharp pain in my shoulder blades when we feed & of course the raw stabbing feeling of flesh being ripped from probably the most sensitive part of my body. Oh but it's all for the best right?

I know it will get better, things will toughen up & I'm offering good nutrition to my little one so I am determined to keep going. There are of course the wonderful benefits of watching her while she eats & listening to the cute little cat / bird noises she makes as she sucks the bejeezus out of me. It's really cute & I can only get mad at myself for not being tough enough to handle the pain. Suck it up princess!

Here's my reward.

Snuggles before the fussing begins

Hanging out with the new doggie

This weekend we took a whirlwind trip to Toronto to have a quick visit with Uncle Bruce & Aunt Susanne since they had a stopover before heading to Jamaica (lucky bastards). Aunt Nancy had been staying with us for the past week, cooking up whatever our hearts desired & making life pretty easy on us so we she left we took the train with her back to Brampton to make some family introductions. Thank you so much to Nancy & Rory & Liam for putting us up & lots of love. Word of advice: the train is awesome for rocking babies to sleep. Freyja loved it & pretty much napped the whole way there & back. Here's the proof.

Train girl Posted by Picasa

Anyway, gotta take the munchkin out of her swing & give her some snuggle time before the feeding commences again. There's more posts coming people - birth story included. I'm just having some time management issues at the moment, but we are slowing getting the hang of things around here. She makes it all worth while.

P.S. Congratulations Roopa & Mike on the birth of Uma! She's a real cutie pie.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Laura! We need some more close-ups too. Nice talking to ya this morning. What a cutie pie.

Mom said...

Hey Daughter

Ain't it sweet having a daughter?
Thanks for letting me talk to her this mornng.

Keep the pix coming.


Jennifer Houston said...

As I sit crying in my office.... Wonderful to see that you are enjoying the good and bads parts of being new parents. Andrew and I send our love - Mwa! I can't wait to hold her myself!