Thursday, November 03, 2005

Hurry Hard

Stretched & swept.
Head engaged & felt by midwife during the poking. Cervix soft, short & has begun to dilate (1cm upper & 3cm lower). In other words we are good to go & it "should" happen within the next couple of days without having to go for a pitocin induction. Yay!

We also had another ultrasound this afternoon & the oven still looks great. The last one (Monday) we scored 8 out of 8 on the Bio-Physical Profile & it sounded like the same today, though the technician couldn't really say. We'll find out tomorrow morning from Josee. If things are as good as they seem, she might come over for another stretch & sweep & possibly break my waters. Unless of course things begin tonight. There's been some tightening in the lower belly but no pain.

I feel like there's more to say, but my brain has turned to mush. I'll update this better tomorrow. For now here's the last bit of baby bait. I managed to exchange the Boo onesie for a Santa outfit. Let's hope it makes it out in time for Xmas.

The hunt is on

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maggie said...

Sounds like the bun is baked and I'm hungry.
Come on baby!

Heather (call me aunty) said...

Sweeping, and hurrying hard, Laura I didn't know you were so into curling. Today's the day. And last night I had a dream that Ken called me and told me it was a girl...he was about to tell me the rest and then I had one of those stupid dream interuptions! I hate it when that happens.