Saturday, November 05, 2005


Yes, it's Saturday. I am 15 days overdue. We are waiting for the midwife to call back - she's at another birth at the moment. The plan for today is to go for another sweep & if nothing happens then it's off to the hospital (tonight or tomorrow?) to try some cervidil. I'm drinking red raspberry leaf tea like it's going out of style & I've taken no lactaid pills with the cream pastry & the pizza I had today but so far nothing is coming out of me. We went for a long walk with the dog this morning & I think (again) that I had a couple of contractions. I'm sitting on my exercise / birthing ball trying to bounce & roll into beneficial positions. I'll probably take yet another hot jacuzzi bath to just try & relax. If we can't get things going this weekend we'll head to the hospital for induction on Monday after yet another Bio-Physical Profile ultrasound.

I'm emotionally spent & it's hard to cope with the fact that I'm keeping everyone waiting. Physically I feel ok & the bun is still moving around quite a bit so I know that nothing is wrong. Believe me, I've gone over every what if scenario there is & the pros & cons of waiting, inducing & surgery. I am fully informed, educated & I trust my wonderful midwives. I will not risk the bun or myself just because I think I desire a drug-free birth. If we need intervention of any sort we will go for it - no questions asked.

Though I've felt somewhat betrayed by my body in the past day or so, I know that it is capable of doing difficult things. I also know that it likes to take it's time with things. It likes food really well cooked. My cycles are normally longer than the average person (last one before the getting knocked up one was 55 days). I normally ovulate late. I like to think things over thoroughly before I come to a decision - of course Calvin would say I just can't make a decision. My family has a tendancy to be late for everything. I was born 2 weeks late & my sister Andrea was apparently about 17 days late and just under 10 pounds. So I'm just following tradition & I suppose, what is normal for me. There you have it. We'll let you know what's going on later.

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I might add more later, but this is all I've got the stamina to look up right now.


Anonymous said...
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Green Family said...

Don't worry about all us that are eagerly awaiting the arrival of bun - we can damn well wait! The bun will come when the bun is ready...The waiting and suspense must be so exhausting...but it will be all worth it the first look at bun it will be the best moment of your life... sorry for being a cheeseball. Enjoy today - it's suppose to be crappy weather tomorrow, so maybe bun will come out and entertain you instead of really bad daytime weekend television.

Hugs & kisses from all of us Greens (K,G &T - oh yeah Ellie too)

ps. After you enjoy the great outdoors sleep as much as you can stand!

Jody said...

Just thought I'd log in for the update and I'm feeling for what you're going through right now! But the LAST thing you should be worrying about is what a bunch of non-medical types have to say about what you should & shouldn't do. You're in good care with the midwives, I have NO doubt. Hang in there. And besides, if you were resting in a cushiony warm womb, would you be wanting to hop out early? Not likely. It sounds like bun is using his/her good judgement already.

When it does come time for the bun's arrival, I hope it's positively waterslide-like. Take good care, I'm thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

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Maggie said...

Oh Lala, you do what you have to do. We will continue to be patient. It'll happen when it happens. Don't forget mom was also late with us twins. Doesn't seem to happen these days.
We are so excited for you both
I hope it happens soon so I can stop procrastinating.

Love the Jasper Nobles

maggie said...

I looked at the pics of the midwives, which one is yours?

scarbie doll said...

Catching up on your past posts. Holy fike! You were 15 days overdue? I can only begin to imagine what that felt like. You are a strong woman.