Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More bait

MEC finally came through with the car seat adapter thingamajig so now we have more bait for the bun to come out. Calvin was sure the contratption was what it was waiting for & that he wouldn't have to go to work today, but alas, it is not to be my friends.

But yay!

I think I had a contraction last night around supper time because I had to stop in the hallway & just try to breathe. No real pain, but something sure stopped me in my tracks. I kept waiting for more & I maybe felt another minor one as I was watching tv, but then nothing else happened. So I keep waiting.... and waiting. I am tired of waiting at home by myself in front my two best friends, the computer & the television so today I am going out armed only with my cell phone & a full tank of gas. Perhaps it'll do the trick & my waters will break while I'm at Old Navy or something. At least I'd have a great story to tell the bun.

So to keep you all amused here's what the belly looks like as of today.

Left side looking small & the button is kinda wonky.

Sticking out the right side.

Yes I am still wearing those bloody sweatpants. I suck I know. But like I said I'm going out today..... I will wear some real clothes I promise. I'll even shower & put on makeup like a real girl. And hey, look! I even managed to do my toes again.

Blue or pink..... come on out & let us know! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Okay, maybe I'm jinxing you because I haven't wrapped the gift I have for the baby... I promise I'll do it as soon as I get home!
Hang in there :)

Mom said...


Pink; but only because I think its prettier not because it will predict sex of bunski.


maggie said...

I like the looks of the pink too. Hope you're appt. goes well tomorrow. Go for the sweep. Nov. 3rd is a good day for a birthday.

bunmaster said...

Kelowna or Ottawa BC? I am confused.... but then that's pretty normal isn't it? I love you both anyway.

The pink nail polish is more attractive I'll give you that but the past 2 or 3 days I've had the fleeting suspiscion that it might go for the blue. We'll see. Going for the sweep today so hopefully we'll know soon.