Friday, January 27, 2006

what hell is this?

daddy wrecked us Posted by Picasa

we are sick

worse than before



Jody said...

Arrrggghh! I feel so bad for you both. Man, sounds like you're having a tough time. At least you're keeping your sense of humor. The Mom jeans commercial was hilarious. I went on to find several other funny videos on that site and forwarded them to Lori, Christine & Karen.
Take care & hang in there! I hope you're better soon.

Mags said...

Hey Lala, Sorry to hear you guys are sick. I remember being up all night with B the first time she had a cold. You're a trooper. Hope you get well soon.

Mom said...

Hi Laura

Sorry about not checking in very often this past week. Big Mozart symphonie/choir performance this weekend (1 out of town) and back to back rehearsals daily last week. I also do the billetting (spelling?) for the symphony musicians so that's my excuse.

When did the "sickness" escalate. Hope it is de-escalating right now!
It's no fun. I remember thinking how awful for a baby to have to have an adult-sized cold in a baby-sized body. I'd love to be there to give some hugs to both of you.