Thursday, January 12, 2006

Post shot hell

Today it's gone from this

boo hoo

To this

oh no Posted by Picasa

Thank goodness for Tempra, the salve of my salvation. Also for my huge stash of ibuprofen for the headache that comes along with the bleeding of my ears (& boobs) due to the soul-shattering screams of my little fusspot. I haven't been able to leave her alone all day & she's fussing about everything, especially my boobs which have apparently turned to acid producing orbs of crap. Don't think I'll be making it to the gym tonight. Oh well... guess I'll turn to some sugary treat to make it all feel a bit better & of course, sabotage my New Year's Resolutions. Because I've been doing soooo well on all of them so far. Especially that ass-licking patience with the dog thing.


scarbie doll said...

Hey, nice to meet you! Your little girl is badass! Thanks for introducing yourself.

Mom said...

Hi Freyja

It's gramma. You'll feel better soon. I promise. Then you'll smile and mommy will feel better too.