Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Marathon Wedding

So the wedding was fantastic & the drive was loooooooong. So very long. We ended up stopping in the home of the Big Nickel on Thursday evening (Calvin was sad it wasn't a Sudbury Saturday Night) & I gotta say, Sudbury, you need some better street signage. Also, Radisson Hotel, you too need better signage. It took us way too long to figure out where the hell our room was & another twenty minutes to find the pool. Plus, your Sleep Number Beds suck.

Next day we were on our way to Marathon with plenty o' pee stops along the way. We made it into town in time for the beach pizza party & got to meet the families & friends of the happy couple. I even dipped my hot tired feet in the apparently mercury laced water. mmmm mercury. (kiddin' - the mercury is on the other side of the bay.) Then it was off to meet more folks & start decorating. I felt pretty useless, but managed to cut up some tulle & chat with some really nice people while Calvin did his music thing.

Home grown sweet peas.

The ceremony was on a gorgeous beach in Pukaskwa & the everything was simply beautiful. I'm sure I could put this all more eloquently, but I just don't have the energy right now..... Let's just say it was a great time with lots of love, dancing & really good cake. Plus I snuck a lite beer. A whole one just for me. It was delicious. It was even medically sanctioned. Yay!

My beer belly is bigger than yours!

After a night of non-stop dancing & probably not enough water to drink, my feet got fat. You know when you flex your toes & can see the tendons running up to your ankles? I lost my tendons. No cankles yet for me, but I've never seen my feet so big before, even after hours & hours of dance classes. Mind you, I have abnormally teeny tiny skinny feet for someone of my height, so they probably just became normal size. Hey, maybe now I can buy shoes at Payless that won't fall off my feet. Serves me right for trying to dance all night, though I must say, I think I impressed everyone with my stamina.

my poor fat feet. Posted by Picasa

The drive home was again horribly long, but this time we stopped for a break at Lake Superior Provincial Park to check out the crazy surf at Old Woman Beach & then spent the night in Thessalon to rest our weary heads. Next day we managed to make it home with only 2 fights that involved tears & enough cussing to make a sailor blush. The dog went insane with giddiness & we then proceeded to sleep for about 13 hours straight. Good times.

I think we've now recovered from the weekend & have decided to take it easy until our trip next week for wedding number 3 of this year. My brain is not really working so well anymore & my body feels like its taken a beating. Must make another massage apointment. The last one was pretty good even though I didn't get the butt & hip massage I desperately need.

Midwife appointment today went well & we got to meet our other primary Josee. Super nice (as is almost everyone else there though front desk woman makes me feel like an dumbass everytime) & we chatted about breastfeeding & glucose testing. We decided to put off the GD testing indefinitely unless I suddenly started showing symptoms. Yay, no yucky orange drink for me! Blood pressure is still good (116 / 72) & bun's heartbeat ranges from 147 - 154. Didn't ask about the fundal height, but she didn't say anything after she measured it so I'm sure its all fine. Got poked about the belly to find out that the butt is up near my lungs & head is down. So all the heartburn pressure is due to an ass. Nice.

Thanks kid.

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