Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm tired

So tired I can't think of much to write about, but am feeling guilty for not posting. In other words, this is going to be boring.

Not much new work or house wise, though we are looking at buying a new couch for the basement & I did manage to weed some of the garden this morning before the sharp groin pains came on. My garden is a freaking mess of weeds, but at least its full & green. Anyone want some ornamental grass?

Since my belly dancing class is on hiatus for the month of August I've started going back to the gym again, taking a Body Flow (combo of yoga, tai chi & pilates with music) class 3 times a week on top of my regular pre-natal yoga on Saturdays. Its the only thing keeping my back from totally seizing up at the moment, but that may change tonight. I get to go for a free massage. That's right. Free. There is a RMT school close by that offers 4 free massages to 3rd trimester knocked-up chicks like me. Are you jealous? I'll let you know after tonight if you should be. It is a student massage after all (not that they're bad, I've had one before & it was fantastic!). I'm looking forward to it as preparation for sitting in a car for 6 or so hours tomorrow on our way to Marathon.

Our friends Christine & Kris are getting married this Saturday in Pukaskwa National Park. Its about a 14 hour drive from Ottawa so we're going to split it up by staying overnight in the Soo (audio warning: annoying virtual tourist guide) & drive the rest of the way on Friday morning. I figure the 14 hours will probably end up being 16 anyway, with all the peeing I've been doing lately so we might as well stop for the night somewhere along the way. It looks like the scenery will be worth the drive, plus the wedding should be a blast, so even though I'm already complaining about the drive we are soooo looking forward to this. We've even been offered a place to stay which is great, but I'm worried our hosts probably already think we're nuts. Calvin left a message that started off with "this is Calvin, of Calvin & Laura....". No mention of C & K or the wedding, just some cryptic message about staying with them & our names, like we're famous or something. Come on, everyone knows who Calvin & Laura TM are right? We're like Bennifer 2, only shorter & with less papparazzi. Ya, that's it. I just know we're not going to be able to live this one down.

Let's see..... what else. Still mildly freaking at the now less than 10 weeks (give or take whatever) 'till the bun pops out of the oven timeline. I know things will all fall into place & if they don't we'll just adapt, but its still kind of mind boggling & overwhelming at times (like when my brain starts racing at 2:30 am). Mostly its about where the hell we are going to put everything?! We keep purging our basement & closets of stuff, but it never seems to end.

I've been trying to figure out the bun's schedule since friends keep telling us that active time now should pretty much correlate to waking times afterwards. So far I've noticed an 8:30 - 9:00 am slot, a mid-afternoon & evening kick to the ribs or bladder session, possibly something in the middle of the night (maybe 2:30 / 3:00 am?) & the ever-so fun 5:00 am gymnastics routine. This is the one that wakes me up laughing because it is tickling so much, until of course it decides to nose dive into my pelvic floor. Thanks kid. I seem to be managing the lack of sleep thing now, so hopefully this will bode well for the future. Don't worry though, I'm under no illusions that I'll have it easy. The bun is related to Calvin afterall.

Speaking of the devil man, I just got off the phone with him & he is now deliriously happy that he managed to persuade me to get on the scale. I now weigh 1/2 a pound more than him (no, I'm not going to divulge the numbers) so he's all excited. All I have to say is watch it buddy or I'll kick your scrawny ass! Seems as though I've had a growth spurt over the last 2.5 weeks as I've gained about 5 pounds since last I checked. The weight gain thing is scary, but I'm right where I should be so no worries, though I do feel a little guilty for the McD's, ice cream & chocolate cravings. Interesting pregnancy weight gain facts: bun equals about 38% of my gain, placenta is about 9% & by the end of this my blood volume will have doubled (22%), my uterus (what a horrible sounding word) & boobs make up about 20% & amniotic fluid works out to be 11%. That's a hell of a lot of liquid, not to mention good old water retention. No wonder my belly jiggles like Homer when I shake it.

Toilet paper measurement is a definite 9.75 sheets, getting close to 10. I can feel things under my ribs now & my lungs feel like they are in my throat since my diaphragm has been pushed up about an inch & a half. This decreases lung capicity even though I'm taking in way more oxygen according to the books. Cetainly doesn't feel like more air - more like an anvil on my chest. Bun now weighs around 3 pounds ("loaf of bread" size) & is practicing breathing & getting fatter. Felt some hiccups last week - that was weird. Its now moving (as I type) like this guy a la "Elaine ripped me off" or "stir the pot, of love" & it freaks me out everytime. In a good way.

Anyway, time to go feed the little parasite & make the dog stop barking at the cupboard.

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