Monday, August 29, 2005

Feel like crap again

Oooooo this is so much fun.

I've had this feeling like I've been coming down with a cold for the past couple of weeks, but since it never really progressed, I just chalked it up to seasonal allergies combined with pregnancy stuffiness. Then my throat got really sore. Didn't make the connection of the heartburn worsening to the fluish symptoms. Why would I?

Getting up at 2:00 am because the heartburn is so bad you want to puke & you can't go back to bed because you need to stand up for about an hour to let the acid hopefully retreat back down your gullet & give your butt a rest because even if you go back to bed its not like you can actually lie down like a normal human being but have to "sleep" propped into a permanent sitting position by 6 pillows, gives one time to do some late night googling. About heartburn. Turns out the raw burning sensation in my throat that goes all the way up to the back of my mouth is due to stomach acid. There's acid burning holes in my throat people! Hydrochloric acid. "The acid in your stomach is so concentrated that if you were to place a drop on a piece of wood, it would eat right through it. " Good to know.

So because I'm paranoid from lack of sleep & now deeply troubled about how much acid is in my poor poor extremely sore throat I decide to go to the Appletree walk-in clinic (which is kind of nearby) as soon as it opens on Sunday morning at 10 am. Not a good idea.

This place sucks major ass. The doctor that was supposed to be there never showed up until 11:30. The place smells like urine. I saw a bug on the floor. The carpet is seriously filthy & the walls are greasy from where people put their heads because they are so tired of waiting in this hell hole. Some of the clientele decidedly lack decent personal hygiene skills. There is no water in the crappy vending machine so all I could get to soothe my throat was Sprite which I proceeded to get in shit for drinking from the very late doctor. Duh, I know soft drinks aren't so hot for heartburn, but perhaps if I wasn't waiting for a freaking hour & a half I wouldn't have got so bloody thirsty in the first place. She then proceeded to give me shit for not drinking milk to soothe the acid, even though I told her I was super-duper lactose intolerant. She told me my baby would not be able to grow its bones properly. She told me I would probably need antibiotics for my sore throat because there was a small white spot. Then she left me in the room for about 10 - 15 minutes while she looked in her free drug supply closet so she could read the white piece of paper from the drug manufacturer about whether the one she had in stock was ok for pregnancy. She then went on to inform me that I was lucky because these pills weren't cheap & that I was being given some & to oh, bring them back if I didn't use them all. No prescription, no decent line of questioning symptoms or medical history. Talked to me like I was stupid & pretty much made me cry all the way home.

I called my wonderful GP's office this morning, managed to get in at the last minute & got myself properly taken care of. So much for trying not to be a burden on the health care system. Hopefully the plethora of drugs & decent information I am now stocked with will turn me back into the jolly drunk-like pregnant chick that I was a little while ago. That really was much more fun.


MAGGIE said...

you poor thing. I can't believe how crappy that place sounds. You should write a complaint letter or something.

Nancy said...

oh honey! i've been sent home crying from various Appletrees as well. what a hole. :( there *are* some good doctors there but of course once you figure out which ones they are you won't be able to get another appointment with one until 2009. maybe that will help for baby #2 or 3!

i'm sorry you couldn't make it out to dinner last night. the boys were actually fairly well behaved :) i wish you all the best with your family adventures!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like that place should be shut down lala...please never venture there matter how desperate you are. Clinics should never be dirty, totally contraindicated with health and wellness, don't you think? Hope all is well now.
Love Hedo

Anonymous said...

I to have this problem, and here I am sitting here at 2 am on the Comp. Try to find info on this acid problem.Scared to go back to sleep, just to wake up again choking to death. Does the milk work? I too am lactos, but if it stops the choking I could deal with the .....liquid poop.
Small price to pay.

Anonymous said...

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