Wednesday, August 03, 2005

August has come upon me.

Saw the midwife today. All is good, but I forgot to ask a couple of questions of course. I get to go again in a couple of weeks though since I'm now officially in the third trimester so I'll ask then. Blood pressure great (120/70), bun's heartbeat in the 150's & I'm measuring 27cm fundal height. Though this is smaller than my week's number (28 + 4 or 5 days) she says its ok - as long as I'm within 2 cms. If anyone cares the toilet paper measurement is between 9.5 & 9.75 squares. So for all those who say I'm small.... I'm just right. Believe me, I feel huge (yes, I know it gets worse!). Maybe I won't have that 10 pounder after all.

Speaking of 10 pounders, Happy Birthday to my little sister Andrea. Sorry I called so close to midnight. Pregnancy brain melt down. You (she who gave the same book twice!) know all about that dontcha sis?

Happy birthday you lush!

When I was looking for the best picture of Anakalea I also came across one of the other 10 pounders, Emma. Everytime I look at this picture I crack up.

Lush's baby. Posted by Picasa

Can't stop laughing.......

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