Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Belly shots, bruises & dinosaurs.

Recent familial begging compels me to post the following belly shot, taken last weekend when it was sweltering hot (it is still freakin' hot!). Ignore the laundry basket background & the relative darkness (though the shadows certainly make my ass look lumpy!).

Belly shot 23 weeks. Like my new bikini?

Things are moving around a whole lot in there now & I'm beginning to breathe with difficulty when I tie my shoes. Midwife (yes I decided on the midwife.... I love her!) says everything is looking good, blood pressure great, heartbeat around 160, fundal height normal despite ultrasound measurements being a few days off. Whew! Now if I can just get rid of this crazy heartburn!

To compare belly roundness I've decided to also post the following photo of Calvin's ass. Actually I thought the bruise was looking rather artistic so I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world. I'm so sure he won't mind.

Calvin's left butt cheek.

Remember the superman fly I posted previously about? Well this is the end result.

Nice one.

A couple of weekends ago we went out breakfast & came upon this lovely outfit at a store next to the cafe. Since our genious nephew Thomas loves dinosaurs & just learnt the word palaeontologist from his uncle Calvin we decided we had to get it. It's the vinyl crocodile material combined with the tie-up on the shirt that cracks me up. Anyway Thomas loves his new uniform & has informed people that he is now a qualified palaeontologist since he's dug up real bones & teeth already.

Thomas' new outfit. Posted by Hello

So that's the update for now. I'm sure there'll be more photos to put up after this weekend as we're off to Vermont for a camping adventure. We'll see how much sleep I actually get on a thermarest. I'm bringing lots of pillows. I'm mostly looking forward to the Ben & Jerry's & the fresh cider doughnuts. Mmmmmm donuts..... I can smell them already!


Maggie said...

Nice one Calvin! Don't you guys know how to use a flash? What's with the little red dot on the belly shot? I think I like your new bikini but it's hard to tell. As for the dinosaur outfit, do they come in Todd's size?
Have fun in Vermont, drive carefully and can you hook me up with some of those doughnuts - they sound good.

bunmaster said...

Hey Mags
When I use the flash in the mirror it totally sucks the big one & everything looks filthy. The pictures Calvin took of me I didn't like so much. When I put this one up on the laptop it looked great, but on the regular computer it's not so hot. Hopefully I'll get something better this weekend to replace it with.
We wanted to get a dinosuar outfit for Bruce just so he'd have to wear it when Thomas asked him to. I figure it'd be a lovely Crocodile Hunter meets stripper on a grown man. Tee hee!

Barbie said...

So, the first time I saw the "butt" picture Calvin was standing next to me and said "Look what I did".... I thought it was Laura's belly (bears striking resemblance - Sorry Laura)! Anyway, after I realized (he didn't give me time to read), it was his butt, I laughed my ass off!

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