Friday, February 02, 2007

Backfire Benadryl Buzz

Chickenpox it is - despite the vaccination over two months ago. But at least, because of that vaccination, it's a very mild case. Maybe somewhere between 50 - 70 spots or so & they are fading already. A couple of oatmeal baths, some Aveeno anti-itch concentrated lotion & she's been pretty content. The nurse on the phone told me to give the Coppertop a dose of Benadryl to help her sleep if the itching was bad. It wasn't terrible but she seemed pretty annoyed last night (could've been the lack of napping during the day) so I gave her about 1 tsp around 6 pm. I figured it would do the same to her as it does to me - knock her out (my only allowed sleep aid besides a beer or two). It seemed to do the trick & though she woke up to nurse a couple of times, I figured it was just because she hadn't eaten much that day. Anyway, here I am thinking how lucky I am to have it work without her having any weird side effects. She wakes up again around midnight scratching at her face & ears miserably so I think oh I'll just give her another dose so she can sleep again - it's been 6 hours so it should be fine.

The light gets turned on which wakes her up a bit. She freaks at the sight of the medicine-filled syringe & spits about a quarter of it up. By this time she's half awake & I'm thinking I'll just nurse her back to sleep as usual. Nope. Not even close.

We (her & I since Sugar Daddy couldn't / wouldn't stay awake) are up until some time close to 4 am playing on the bed, getting down, playing with the radio, going back & forth to her room getting various toys, reading & me trying desperately not to pass out from exhaustion so she doesn't end up drowning in the toilet or some similar disaster that runs through the brain on 2 hours of sleep. Holy crap, it was like she was on speed or something. Busy, busy, busy little bug. I've been calling her Coppertop for a while now due to the colour of her hair (so cute!), but now I guess I've got even more reason to.

So anyway, not much sleep, silly post poorly written & now I'm watching Oprah shove cake in her mouth out of the corner of my eye which is very disconcerting. Apologies for my lack of comments on this & everyone else's blogs & thanks for sticking with me. I've got e-mail to catch up on & thank-you cards to write. The last few weeks have been exhausting & the last thing I have time for is perusing the sphere, let alone come up with something pithy to say. At least things are starting to look healthier around here so maybe I'll get to catch up on some much needed sleep. Or not. I'm not holding my breath.


jody said...

Wow - that sucks. I hope it clears up quickly! I'm heading to Ottawa in a couple of weeks for a conference. Looking forward to seeing the Ottawa crowd, minus a cool threesome who is busy battling bugs on the west coast. :)

Mitch McDad said...

benadryl is sedating to most kids, but it can also make kids hyper. sounds like that what you got. try zyrtec.

Anonymous said...

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