Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You gave me a wad of cash & all you get is this lousy list for Valentine's Day

To my first ray of sunshine

  1. Thanks for making me laugh.
  2. Thanks for having patience with me even though I think you are impatient.
  3. Thanks for doing your share of diaper changes.
  4. Thanks for always ordering the food on the phone for me, even though you think I’m nutso for being chicken about it.
  5. Thanks for taking care of all the bills.
  6. Thanks for being handy around the house even though you never quite finish anything.
  7. Thanks for having good intentions.
  8. Thanks for buying me chocolate & beer almost whenever I want.
  9. Thanks for making me get my drivers license.
  10. Thanks for taking me to Iceland.
  11. Thanks for cooking lots of dinners.
  12. Thanks for the Santa Claus pub crawls.
  13. Thanks for putting up with my shit.
  14. Thanks for making me do things even when I’m scared.
  15. Thanks for burning all those cds.
  16. Thanks for bringing us out West. Though I am lacking friends I am enjoying myself & it’s so nice to sit outside on a patio in February.
  17. Thanks for being adventurous even if I keep expecting someone to call & tell me that you are in the hospital for doing some dumb trick on your bike.
  18. Thanks for the most amazing meal of my life. Sorry I puked.
  19. Thanks for putting up with my anxiety.
  20. Thanks for when you do things by the rules I nag you about.
  21. Thanks for taking the Doodles swimming & biking & throwing her up in the air even though it freaks me out.
  22. Thanks for putting up with my book collection & my paper collection & all the other stuff I have trouble getting rid of.
  23. Thanks for letting me have control of the remote 98% of the time.
  24. Thanks for the video camera & not being bothered that I hog the digital one too, even though I think you should take more pictures.
  25. Thanks for appreciating good beer & wine.
  26. Thanks for playing your guitar for Doodlebug.
  27. Thanks for being so smrt.
  28. Thanks for killing creepy bugs for me & letting most of the spiders live.
  29. Thanks for making up silly songs for your daughter.
  30. Thanks for not getting too upset when she’d rather be with me than you.
  31. Thanks for all the road trips & doing most of the driving. Sorry we always end up arguing.
  32. Thanks for helping me out so much at school.
  33. Thanks for teaching me computers back in 1992.
  34. Thanks for working so hard & bringing home the bacon.
  35. Thanks for letting me eat more bacon than you.
  36. Thanks for letting me finally throw out those horrid rugby shorts.
  37. Thanks for taking me rappelling over a 150 feet icy cliff for our first date.
  38. Thanks for not telling me the ladder up that cliff was condemned until a few days later.
  39. Thanks for being my friend.
  40. Thanks for an awesome wedding 10 years after our first date.
  41. Thanks for going to Dairy Queen so much when I was pregnant.
  42. Thanks for supporting the breastfeeding.
  43. Thanks for enjoying co-sleeping. Morning hugs feel great.
  44. Thanks for trying to take me to the ballet. Sorry I didn’t go.
  45. Thanks for taking dance classes with me.
  46. Thanks for not being embarrassed about it.
  47. Thanks for buying me flowers whenever just because.
  48. Thanks for saying I look good even when I don’t.
  49. Thanks for being a nice guy.
  50. Thanks for loving me.

Most of all Valentine, thanks for helping make my second ray of sunshine.


Maggie said...

Are you trying to make me cry?!? You sure sound a lot like me sis. See you soon. Love, Maggie

Jenn said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww Such a good hubby!

And OMG, I can identify with SOOOO many things on that list! LOL

Anonymous said...

Laura that was so well said. You made me all teary.

Anonymous said...

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