Monday, August 28, 2006

Bad Blogger Me

Man I suck.

Good thing I don't get tons of traffic here. I'm just feeling bad for anyone looking for updates on our situation here. Because obviously there hasn't been much. We are having a good time. Adjusting hasn't been too bad. We are loving living in an apartment despite the noise levels. And the ants. I hate hate hate ants with a blazing passion. I've killed about 15 so far. They are teeny tiny so I'm not super freaked out, but they are pissing me off. How do they get up to the 6th floor?

Seattle is really cool. I've been exploring. Which doesn't leave much time for blogging. I've been taking pictures but I haven't sized them down yet so you'll have to wait yet another day. So far Doodles & I have done the Pacific Science Center, Experience Music Project & the Science Fiction Museum with Calvin, shopping day at Macy's, Nordstrom & the downtown shopping malls, Pike Place Market, the Capitol Hill area & more. Today I'm going to check out some cool apartments. Cross your fingers it's good & decently priced.

More later dudes. Plus pics.


Jennifer said...

You must put the Seattle Underground tour on your To Do list! Even though it's a little touristy, you greatly improve your understanding (and humor) of Seattle.

And there are a million other little things you should do/see/eat but I could really just keep going on and on.

bunmaster said...

Oh my god... Piehole!! Now that I'm in town can I be your stalker? Or at least bug you for info? I was planning on doing the Underground tour but am waiting for the weekend 'cause hubby wants to do it too. Probably have to wait until next since we're heading up to Vancouver this one.

So now that I'm having an imaginary conversation with you give me all the juicy details about living in Seattle. I'm on a mad apartment search & am starting to get frustrated. Where to live?! Help me dude.

mmmm desperate me much?

Her Bad Mother said...

Have you gotten outside of Seattle at all? God how I miss the Pacific Northwest!

And, what? No Space Needle?

Jennifer said...

Heh heh heh. Of COURSE you can bug me for info! (You can email me at jennifer AT liscious DOT com.)

I live on Capitol Hill, which tends not to be the most affordable place in town, but it's great for walking, and seeing, and doing (also, it is 6 blocks from my workplace).

I'm becoming a big fan of Ballard. (But, so far! Am lazy!) And who doesn't like (upper) Queen Anne?

Also - If you're looking for recommendations on where to eat, drink, or sit around stinking up the place, I've got a few. (Also, I know where to get super cheap designer handbags.)

bunmaster said...

Oooo designer handbags. But will they fit diapers & cheerios? 'Cause I'm using a sloppy Old Navy velour purse or a small MEC (= REI) backpack right now. I know - styling right? (oh crap, can my grammar get any worse?)

Space Needle? Been there, done that when we visited this fine city for a day in July. Plus we are living four blocks away & I can see it from my balcony everyday. Yay!

I'll take any recommendations I can get for good eats. And places to go. And anything else. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Well, here's a tip for eating in Seattle... If there's no line outside the door, chances are it's not worth eating there.

Since you're on/near Queen Anne - I highly recommend you stop for brunch on the weekends at the Five Spot. (If you haven't already.) The food is great, it's noisy and busy, and kids are totally OK.

And when you're kidless, and looking for a dive bar - The Five Point - is also in lower Queen Anne. (Surly service, greasy food, great beer.)

There's also a really great Thai place in Queen Anne, but I TOTALLY FORGOT THE NAME! It's the one with the line out the door.