Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My baby just made me bleed my own blood

Despite efforts to get back to sleep I am lying in bed this morn with the little Doodles in the crook of my arm, when she suddenly decides it is time to stick her index finger up my nose to see what that feels like. I feel a painful poke in the region of my brain cavity so I pull her hand away & am aware of the sensation of gushing. Hands immediately to nose as I scramble out of bed, hastely placing pillows around baby, & rush to grab a roll of toilet paper as I spew forth a torrent of red from my right nostril.

That was a fun way to start the day.

No no no do not disturb whilst I am eating puh-lease!

Also, the teeth, they are a coming. Sharp little razor like fangs have been seen & felt breaking through the surface of her much maligned gums. It's fun & cute but it also makes me feel old. She's growing so fast & I feel old & wrinkly & flabby beside her. I would also feel grey but I dyed my hair the other day to cover it up. Stupidly I left the stuff on too long so now I look like a frizzy haired Munster. Once upon a time I could / would do this & be oh so rockin' & alternative (back when that was cool) but the black hair just isn't really going with the mummy uniform of sweatpants & sloppy nursing shirt. Plus the frizz is just not attractive.

Anyway, back to the teething. Calvin, Freyja & Uncle Bruce were out the other day for breakfast at the Ottawa Bagel Shop & picked up a teething bagel for the bun. Could be the best invention ever or the worst, depending on how much cleaning of sticky fingers you like to do. She loved it & gnawed on the thing for about 2 hours. Then she got home & sucked on it some more. Then we left it on the table & the stupid dog stole it. Then the stupid dog was constipated for two days. Then we bought some more bagels & hid them from the stupid dog. Can you tell how much I love my stupid dog these days?

the aftermath of bagel & blueberries Posted by Picasa

Oh ya. I made a title banner. Do you like it? Calvin doesn't get the "you know you love me" tag. I don't know what's not to get. Anyway I made a few of them that I'll try out over the next few days so let me know what you like best.

Anybody? Bueller?


kdf said...

Is that a picture of yorkshire pudding in the banner? Is that really in the bun family? I'm enjoying the banner though.

Jody said...

Hi Laura,

Yikes - sorry for the nose bleed. I guess it's slighty (?) better than those videos you see of parents holding their kids precariously over their heads at which point the kid throws up into the parent's open mouth. Sorry, another gross image.

Looks like you have a bagel lover on your hands. Good thing you live nice & close to Montreal!

Hey, question. Are there any more blogs you like (i rely almost solely on your links list) that have a med student besides "The Underwear Drawer"? You have good taste in blogging buddies it seems, so I thought I'd see if you could recommend any more. (I haven't been through every link in your list just stumbled in a couple of doors.) Can't wait to see all of you guys this summer - and meet Freyja!! Yippee!
Take care.

Jody said...

By the way, cool font for your banner. It's somehow got me thinking of Olivia Newton John and the Bay City Rollers - remember them?

bunmaster said...

Well hello there ladies. It is not Yorkshire Pudding, but yum, I love that stuff. It's not really a bun I guess. More of a roll. Yummy butterscotch pinwheels that I made & thought looked sort of bun-ish. Perhaps I should go take some pictures in a bakery or something.

warning... the links below will each take over the comment box so right click & open in a new page if you prefer...
Jody, another doctor/mom blog I read is Words for Snow. Some others (doctor/ med students) I've seen are Prognosis Negative, Kevin m.d.,Over my Med Body, & Ah yes, Medical School. Looks like each of these has some good linkage to take you farther. Beware the lure of the blogs.... it will become a bad addiction my friend, a fantastic time waster & tons o fun. Enjoy!

Jody said...

Thanks laura!

Thanks for the suggestions! I've bookmarked them all. :>

By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned another blog before but sometimes I tune into an English prof at MUN. He's pretty interesting and it's neat to see St. John's from his eyes. (He's currently home in London ON for the summer though).
His blog is at http://newnewfie.blogspot.com/

Heather (sis) said...

I like the banner Laura, and we all love the butterscotch pinwheels. I believe they are under "quickbreads" in the old Purity cook book! The first thing that comes to mind when I see the banner font is, Metallica? Not too sure why.

bunmaster said...

Ya Metallica.... actually I was thinking Slayer! 'Cause I am so rockin'you know?

Quickbreads? Excellent, now I have a real excuse.

Anonymous said...

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