Friday, May 12, 2006

The Beauty of Blueberries

We have finally found a "solid" food that the Doodles likes. Up until now we've tried rice, barley, sweet potatoes & prunes as well as mushed up banana & applesauce. At first she seemed to like the rice cereal but after a couple of tries all she did was push it out of her mouth with her tongue. Same with all the rest along with some fancy facial contortions to display her distaste for the stuff. I thought she'd end up breastfeeding until she was ready for college at the rate we were going.


We were over at a neighbour's place the other day & her friend's 7 month old was eating some blueberries & pears (PC Organic) so I thought I'd see if I could get mine to taste it. She sucked that stuff off my finger so hard I'm surprised there's a nail left on it. Then she attacked the bowl with a gusto I've only seen when she's jonesin' for my boobs. Interesting....


Once upon a time Doodles was known as Grape Face. Now, Blueberry Baby will do just fine thanks.

Blueberry face Posted by Picasa

Coming up tomorrow or the next day, a mother love fest. Oh and speaking of mothers, many congratulations go out to folks I've been forgetting to mention, plus a few belated Happy Birthdays. Hello to new Baby Jack, Nya & Xander. Happy belated shout outs to Emma, Nancy, James, Pete, (Josee & Barbie I got you right?), Haley, Tina B, Cleo, Scott, Malibu Tracey, Colin, Bodacious Brynnski-doodle & Dan. Anyone I missed I'm sorry but this baby thing makes my brain operated like a sieve. I love you all!

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