Friday, May 19, 2006

6 Month Check-up

I have become a jungle gym. My body is bruised, battered & aching from accommodating baby whims. The movement is constant (in this she is her father’s daughter) & if I don’t hold on tight she will break free from my arms & fall precariously to the dreaded hard plane of the floor below. In order to see all things at once she whips her head & body back & forth, around & around in a frenzy of taking it all in. Her eyes are wide & I wonder how fascinating it all looks to her, how new & shiny the world is. She reaches for objects in her field of vision & then, the ones on the periphery. The grabbing & grasping at anything she can is constant & if she snags something desired it is deposited immediately into her drooling mouth.

She sits on the floor a few feet from me surrounded by pillows, looking at the dog, then her toys, then me, then her toys again & practices her short burst of a laugh. Almost a cackle. Smack goes the hand on her musical cube & then two fingers in the mouth while she twiddles with the polar bear. Both hands now grabbing the cube trying desperately to get the bear in her mouth, so the music is constantly switching mid tune. I am creating an opus from all the sounds – just you wait. Next up, plastic keys, then the mirror that rattles. Banging it all against her legs, trying to find out what I don’t know. How it all fits together, how each material tastes, what it sounds like? It is fascinating to watch her little mind at work & her face gets so serious. Then all of a sudden she beams & starts laughing again. Then it’s back to sticking the next object in her mouth.

Where's that damn polar bear?!

And speaking of objects in her mouth, the nursing is still good. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since all the trouble at the start when it was literally feeding to feeding determining whether or not I could keep going with it. Now when she’s really hungry she starts making this funny laugh cry like she’s super excited about what’s about to come but it’s just.. not… coming… fast… enough damn it! Then because she’s all giddy with the milk lust she spends the first few minutes patting or smacking my hand & doing a dance with her cute little feet on my thighs. I was wondering why I kept getting these weird small bruises but duh, they are from the constant kicking punishment. If we are sitting up or out in public when she feeds it’s a whole other story because there’s just so much to look at. She’ll yank herself off, expose me & look around to take it all in for a bit & then it’s back on for another hit. Then off again & arches her back so she’s almost upside down to see what the world is like from that angle.

Yay! That's the... red... heart!

We had her 6 month checkup yesterday and while we were in the waiting room another mom about my age came in with a cute little 8 month old girl. We chit chatted a bit & once Freyja actually noticed the other baby she was smitten so I brought her over to sit on the floor. They went at it trying to grab each other’s hair & patting the other on the cheek or leg, whatever was handy. It’s been a while since she’s hung out with any other babies who aren’t in car seats (besides our picnic last week) and it was just so cute how big their smiles were for each other. Now it’s interactive! Of course that just demands more energy & vigilance from me but hey, besides the eye poking, it’s pretty fun.

So the check-up was good. She’s growing well, staying in her percentiles (around 75 weight & 45 height) & was deemed very active as she ripped off about 3 feet of the paper roll from the examination table & proceeded to put about half of it in her mouth. My lovely doctor was in a great mood & much more relaxed about the food issue, saying don’t worry about it so much, she doesn’t have to eat rice cereal, try her on veggies & don’t bother with any juice (which we weren’t going to anyway). If all she wants to eat is those silly blueberries that’s ok too, just keep trying with the veggies. There was more I wanted to ask her but whenever I’m at the doctor’s I get all discombobulated & forget everything. Even if I write it all down I forget to pull out my list & feel like a dweeb every time we leave. At least the vaccination shot went ok and for that I must thank my pal Roopa for the recommendation of the Emla paste. It’s a cream you smear on & then cover up at least one hour before the needle & it anesthetizes the area. I swear she didn’t feel a thing so, totally awesome dudes!

Anyway, (I say that in my head here way too much don’t I?) all is good & healthy, & today after the immunization she seems pretty happy (unlike last time). We are going out with her tonight to a birthday party (see below) so I hope the pleasantness lasts & we don’t regress back to the meltdown of the day before because mama needs to have some quality drinking time. As for that scream festival, I think it was a mix of gas & teething pain combined. I thought I felt something sharp on her gums yesterday & today it is even more pronounced so I think we may finally have some teeth coming up. I just hope she doesn’t start biting anytime soon because I’ve seen what she can do to a rubbery toy & it ain’t pretty folks.

Playing with the triangle mouse (Please don't hate me in a few years baby for putting up naked pictures of you. They are just too cute to resist!) Posted by Picasa

~~Happy Birthday Karen & Shannon!~~


Jody said...

What a great blurb - it's fun to hear about her exploring the world that's new to her. Thanks for sharing it all! Also, I've been sharing your blog with my friend Vee from work who's slowly learning about blogs with the idea of maybe doing a corporate one. She's a writer and is seriously impressed with yours. Cheers!

Her Bad Mother said...

Those pictures are crazy beautiful, especially the last one. I'm finding it amazing, this 6-month phase - WonderBaby is even more active and bubbly and babbly than ever before. I'm constantly reminding myself that not too long ago, she was still pretty fetal and I was struggling (that breastfeeding thing - whoa) because it's really so easy now (or, at least, the challenges seem more manageable.)

bunmaster said...

The challenges do seem more manageable but I'm finding the worries that go along with them are increasing exponentionally. Eek!

Hi Jody! Luv ya!

Anonymous said...

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