Monday, December 12, 2005

'Tis the Season

Well the holidays are looming & I need to finish my xmas shopping stat so I can send it all off across the country in time. I believe I've maybe managed to get gifts to my family on time once & it was probably a fluke of postal service luck if I really think about it. So it's off to the mall I go today for the last little bits which I am so not looking forward to. My mall dread most likely has something to due with having worked so many holiday seasons in retail. Every so often I think it might be nice to make some extra cash by working in a store again, but then Christmas shopping starts & I remember the pain of dealing with stupid, impatient people who look down upon you beacause you are just a dumb salesperson. Of course I'm now one of those evil bitches & worse, I'm armed with a stroller. So ya, today will be great!

This weekend was spent actually doing the bulk of our shopping on line so as to decrease mall dread so we aren't doing too bad. Or I should say, Calvin's stuff is all bought but mine is not. It's hard to shop with only one free hand while eating or feeding baby with the other. Ooops! Just to clarify - did not eat baby. Saturday night we went to Geoff & Katherine's for the annual stealing of gifts party. Of course the most popular prezzies were the booze related ones. I had a case of Keith's & a Maxim magazine for quite a while, but then some evil person stole it so I got to steal a gigantic stuffed crab, which was then stolen away again promptly. This left me with the choice of stealing someone else's beer or opening the last present - there was more to steal but this was all I really wanted. The last unopened gift was very heavy so curiosity got the better of me & I ended the game by opening up a 9 pack of cards. What the hell am I going to do with all these decks of cards?! Start my own gaming casino in my basement? Serves me right for ending the fun. Anyway it was a great party & damn those meatballs are good! Freyja had a fun time sleeping with her new boyfriend Owen, doing a Vulcan mind meld with Uma & hamming it up until the fussiness began round 7:30 when daddy snugged her up in the Bjorn & did the bouncy walk fueled by a couple glasses of wine. She of course regained her spirits in time for a quick photo shoot & then cried all the way home.

Santa gal Posted by Picasa

In other holiday news the annual Santa Claus Pub Crawl is on for this Saturday night folks so if you enjoy drinking steadily all night whilst garbed as Santa come on downtown for some fun. Calvin's got a website going with all the info so go here for the details. It almost wasn't a go because the gal who last year was put in charge of organizing stuff for this year apparently did nothing. Way to keep tradition going there silly. So in part due to my nagging Calvin & 3 other dudes from Nortel, we now have the 11th!! annual crawl starting at Cafe Paradiso on Bank St at 5:00 Saturday night & ending some time in the wee hours at Griffins on Elgin. It is always a ton of fun so if you can get out your red suits & hats & come join us in some boozy revelry. Even the baby is going so ya'll gotta come see her in the cute little Santa suit we found for her. Of course we probably won't make it to Griffin's but we'll do the early bars for sure & top off the evening at Sugar Mountain. mmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Are you really taking my granddaughter pub crawling at such a tender age??

What about a pump and a sitter?

Or is that just too old fashioned of me?

You might have more fun you know!

I know. Babies go everywhere these days. It's just all so different .............. have fun!


Maggie said...

It is quite different than when you had Laura hey mom? I remember you saying that women weren't even allowed in bars in the Peg when you came of age. Can you imagine that Laura! You go girl!
What kind of bars are these anyways? I don't think babies can go to bars here in Alberta.
Can't wait to see the pics.

bunmaster said...

Most of them are more pub-like than bar. The first one is an actual restaurant & the earlier ones serve food as well so it's not like we're taking her to the dance bars & boozing us & her up. We are just going to put her in her Santa suit & into the Bjorn, have some supper & a couple of drinks & then I'm heading home. Mostly going so we can take some fun pictures of Freyja with a hundred Santas. : )

Anonymous said...

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