Thursday, December 15, 2005

Look what I got yesterday morning


Chipmunk cheeks

Laughter Posted by Picasa

Will post later.....


Tina B. said...

Well how cute is she? Those pics are adorable.

Heather said...

Is it my imagination or does she have the same mouth and lips that Emma had as a baby? (her big cousin from out east) Very adorable Laura. Isn't it neat to see the personality come through?

Mom said...


It has to be said that we have the most beautiful grandchildren in Canada. And that's a fact.

She's lookin' pretty happy--must make you feel purty darned great.

Sure does perk one's spirits up.


Maggie said...

Who says you have the most beautiful grandchildren in Cananda?
She is very cute and is a good mix of the both of you Lala. I wish you were here for x-mas so we could meet her.

Jen Houston said...

Again, I'm crying! Having a wee one is so much work - when they are able to show a little love in return it's a one of a kind feeling! Keep the updates coming! Give her big kisses from me!