Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Whining & belly shots

Sorry its been a few days people. I'm overwhelmed with exhaustion & emotions at this point so I'm finding myself taking quite a few naps which leaves considerably less time to type. I lurve napping! It prevents me from becoming the uber-bitch that I was feeling like last week. It was like super pms just hit me over the head & then rammed itself like a mac truck into poor Calvin's unsuspecting mind. He keeps telling me oh so sweetly that I'm the bestest ever pregnant lady in the whole wide world so I don't think he was up for my descent into hormonal hell, but like I said the naps have made me much more pleasant again.

I probably wouldn't need so many zzzzzs during the day if I could just get a good night's sleep. (As if that's ever going to happen again.) Despite the antacid regimen there's still the ever present heartburn & mild sore throat (is this going to do some permanent damage?) that warrants me drinking litres of water, which then promotes never-ending bathroom jaunts. This is now coupled with me feeling like a turtle on its back waving my little fat feet in the air to try & get some leverage just so I can get up out of bed to do said peeing. Plus the grunting & groaning as I attempt this daredevil feat would be totally embarrassing if anyone besides Calvin & the dog were around to witness it.

Getting around is now generally a whole lot harder than I ever thought it would be. Tying my shoes, getting in & out of the car, bending over to pick up crap that I drop on the floor, touching my toes in exercise class.... all becoming more & more difficult as time flies by. Stupidly I always imagined myself to not be one of those pregnant women who had these difficulties, because damn it, I'm flexible. I'm so freaking bendy that one of the yoga teachers used to call me Gumby. Those were the days. Looks like reality has hit me square in the belly now & I have come to the realization that trying to bend one's body over a soccer ball is severly limiting. Trying to shave my legs has become quite the interesting ordeal, not to mention the bikini area. I really have to ask myself why bother? I haven't gone swimming in about 2 months though I keep pretending that I'll go tomorrow. I am also becoming very limited in my choice of footwear as my feet are feeling tremendously puffy by day's end. We went into the Aldo outlet the other day since stuff was on sale & I really need some new cute but plain black footwear & let me tell you just how nice it was to see water retention fat rolls hanging over the sides of really pretty shoes. I know I really don't have it all that bad compared to many other preggos out there, but hey, I'm allowed to have a little wallow into self-pity land every once in a while. Maybe I just need more naps.

This is what I really look like.


This is what I really feel like.

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