Friday, July 22, 2005

Things I Seen

Just some things I saw yesterday that were, um... interesting. Depending on your interests or eyes, you may or may not agree with me.
  1. Two bluejays fighting.
  2. Beady squirrel eyes boring a hole in my head not 2 feet from me.
  3. A friend's child being so terrified by my husband's evil facial expressions that she lost complete control of her legs. I think this bodes well for the future.
  4. An almost completely empty Zellers at about 8:30 am. It was awesome & peaceful. Who knew shopping could be like this?
  5. A sporty red Honda going about 120 km an hour down Merivale Road applying its brakes really hard & only coming to a stop about half a block later as it plowed into some poor guy's Pontiac. This was followed by us running to the scene to help get the Pontiac guy out of his car (he wanted to walk), someone else calling 911, checking out the guy's scrapes & bruises, calling the Honda driver's work for him beacuse he couldn't remember the number (had a bit of trouble with his name too), talking to fellow witnesses, giving statements to the policeman & taking a look at the damage done to both totalled cars. Then there was the odour of car fluids intermingling with the burnt rubber & pavement in the heat of the morning. I guess this is what cars smell like when they die. What a stinkin' mess.
  6. Some asshole in my rearview mirror tailgaiting me as I drove home (probably over the speed limit). He was in a sporty red Honda as well.
  7. Internet news story about more bombings on the Tube. Depressing. (Can't watch the news on TV anymore because since I got knocked up, everything has become too graphic. I have trouble watching some of my favorites now, like CSI & Law & Order. Trauma: Life in the ER.... well that one is definitely out the window now too.)
  8. Special password to get early tickets for Sigur Ros. Yay! They are playing at the Bronson Centre on September 18th. I've neer even heard of this place before, but it looks like a nice intimate venue for atmospheric-type music.
  9. Elderly gentleman at the pool who had bigger boobs than me (trust Calvin... I've got quite the rack now!) - I thought it was some daring older naked lady at first. Crazy, annoying humming lady was there too, which just topped off my annoyance level, since I'd already forgotten my swim cap, goggles & flip-flops. Plus, everytime I swam about 100 metres I had to stop so I could catch my breath again & stretch out my lower belly from the knife-like round ligament pain that sneaks up on me when I sneeze, turn around in bed or bend over to weed the garden. Fun times. Glad I spent the $3.85 to go, when I could have got the same workout in the pool in my backyard. I was looking forward to getting a treat from the vending machine too, but that of course, was broken & filled with pennies.
  10. Some big belly kicks from the bun after taking a well-deserved nap in the middle of the day. (Get up lazy mum!)
  11. Beautiful footage of Korea on Lonely Planet / Pilot Guides. Now on my list of places to go before I kick the bucket.
  12. Cutie-putootie Alexandre Despatie kick some major diving ass at the World Aquatic Championships. Can those guys ever spin fast! Note to his mother... loose the bandana... its not a good look.
  13. A rider in the Tour taking a wizz at the side of the road while still pedalling. No mention or inside joke from Phil or Paul. Am I the only one who saw this? I mean I've seen it before, but usually they accompany it with some witty comment about a nature break. At least they saw the streaker at the top of one of the Cols. He at least got some mention about the heat getting to the fans.
  14. At least a dozen of the same commercials over & over again (since sucky boy wouldn't let me change the channel) on OLN. They really are in desperate need of some new sponsers, though we did notice a couple of new ones now that there are 3 days left to the Tour de France. Seriously OLN Canada, enough of the agonizingly irritating "Take me Boating" (that kid needs to shut the hell up) , the "low impacht" girl reading poorly off the cue cards or 41-year old volleyball guy ending up with blonde 20 year old in those stupid Bowflex cross-trainer ads, the Keg commercial that we think is going to be Red Lobster everytime (I have to avert my eyes lest the cockroaches of the sea burn out my retinas) & new this year, the hair dye for your roots one where the girl is so dumb, she is shocked (I mean SHOCKED!) that her roots are showing. Ya, that's what happens... hair grows dumbass.

So that about sums up my day.

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