Monday, July 18, 2005

Party time

It's been a pretty insane couple of weeks work wise so I haven't had much time for updates, catching up on e-mail or laundry. So now I shall treat you with a shot of my red velvet hanging around the house pants (plus belly).

26 Weeks

Getting bigger n'est pas? I swear I'm not sticking out my butt. I think my tailbone has now permantly detached from my glutes & I've got some weird sway back thing going on. So much for that good dance posture I once had. At least my belly button looks like it won't be popping - ever. It kind of looks like a donut, all swollen around some deep treacherous cavern.

The bun is now visibly sucker punching me so much that even Calvin has finally got the chance to witness the belly move on its own. What a totally surreal experience & everyone keeps telling us it only gets weirder. Great.... Bun is apparently now about 2 pounds, can open & close its eyes, is making breathing movements & can respond to sound outside the belly. I think it likes Eminem & Bach the best so far.

Other stuff besides mastering the bun....
Last weekend we had a street party. Calvin & our neighbours organized the whole thing, taking care of stuff like blocking off the street, handing out flyers & cooking up the hamburgers. Turned out to be a great success & the weather held out for the entire day, though the forecast was for rain. It was a great chance to actually meet all the people down the street as opposed to just saying hi as we walk the dog.

One of the highlights of the day was our friend Crazy Brad & his Balloons. Now freed from the confines of high tech he's become a very successful balloon tying dude so we managed to wrangle him down for some kids' entertainment. Octupuses, Spiderman, SpongeBob, Dora & a cute little horse all came out to play. If you ever need a balloon guy for a birthday party (or as I found out today, bachelor party), just let us know - he's great!

Balloon man

Silly Hari Posted by Picasa

We also had a pool party the following day with the biking crowd. Another load of fun, complete with way too much food, heat, sunburn & beer. Gotta say the pool feels great, even though I can barely lift my wide load out of it now. I would so love a ladder right about now. Oh well.

After a hectic week of work, this weekend was full of Tooor dez Franz & shopping. We even registered for a couple of things that caught our greedy eyes. We'll fill you in later when we get more organized. We are so addicted to watching the Tour, I feel like I'm having withdrawal symptoms when they have a rest day. Though I'm sure Lance will win again for his final Tour & I'll be happy about it, I can hardly wait for next year to see what happens when he's not there. Hopefully my favorites will pull something special out of their muscly butts. Who am I stalking you ask? Well there's Vino, Thor & Magnus. Not sure if it is just the names I love so much or the ever-so-sexy biking tans (sorry stranger.. couldn't pass it up) combined with pasty white skin. Calvin & a couple of his buddies have some mighty fine ones happening right now so I guess I should consider myself lucky that I get to gaze upon these fine specimens of outdoor cycling enthusiasts in my own backyard. Yah... so lucky.....

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