Friday, October 27, 2006

The shirt says it all

my mom...

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Ya you read it right. Hey I may sit on my ass all day reading Mother Goose & Dr. Suess but at least I can pick out & pay too much for a trendy ironic t-shirt to dress my baby in just like all the other hip mamas out there looking to keep some aspect of cool in their lives. Sarcastic & bitter much? Nah.... just tired.

In other news Doodles is in love again. Of course she’s always in love with me. That goes without saying. After all I am the snack bar that is always open. Yes I’m still nursing & will be until the cows come home. Ba dum dum. Used to be when she was about 4 or 5 months old she was infatuated with Ryan Seacrest & would smile ever so sweetly every time his smug mug graced our tv screen. I was ok with that. Really. Gave me an excuse to watch American Idol with a little less embarassment.

Now she has a new crush. It’s the Teletubbies baby. You know the one. In the sun. She giggles & coos at its beatific visage & it giggles & coos right back at her. Just like it is supposed to. The smiles on both baby's faces is enough to bring one to mine. Once upon a time I thought much like this guy about this strange little show but now it has become one of our favorites, along with Clifford, Poco & Sesame Street. With this admission you might infer that we watch a lot of tv. You would be correct. I suppose I should be bothered by that fact since most people seem to be taking the American Pediactric Association of not recommending tv ("Until more research is done about the effects of TV on very young children, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend television for children younger than two years of age. For older children, the AAP recommends no more than one to two hours per day of quality screen time.") as saying I am all but ruining my child, but it gets us through the day & it seems to make her happy. What with all the smiling.

Plus the songs are fantastic. For instance yesterday Tinky Winky (you know, the gay one) sang a loud song that consisted of the lyrics:

"Tinkle winkle tinky winky woo woo woo woo
Pinky wiggle tinky winky woo woo woo woo
Tinkle winkle tinky winky woo woo woo woo
Woo woo woo woo"

Then another classic sung by Po:

"Po po po po pohhhhhh
Po po po po po po pohhhh"


How can it get any better than this?

Oh & get this weird fact (?). I was looking up Teletubbies links so I could find a picture of that cute sun & I came across this tidbit that the roller girl from this season's Survivor has the credit of being this same sun. I am a bit confused here though because the chick was born in 1979 & Teletubbies didn't start until the '90's. Go figure.


Jenn said...

That shirt is adorable
....sarcastic cutness. Is there anything better? LOL

p.s. ALlie watches TV too. She's in love with BoohBah and Big Big World. The second either of them come on she screetches in delight and starts to dance. The kid barely says any words...but she knows how to say BooooohBAH!!

bunmaster said...

We love Big Big World too. That sloth's voice is so sweet to listen to. I could hear him sing all day. Oh wait... I almost do.

Thanks for coming back so often & commenting Jenn. I wish I could do more of the same for you. It seems like everytime I catch up reading your sites it's also the end of naptime. I swear I have commented - it's just only been in my head.

Anonymous said...

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